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  • [Respiratory] Uri?

    hey everyone.

    so i noticed this morning that lexus is yawning a lot, she is getting ready to shed though, but usually before and after yawning she makes a loud wheezing "wet" sound when she exhales. she also holds her mouth open a bit for a couple seconds before closing it.
    i have looked in her mouth, everything looks good, no muscus, bubbles, etc. and her nose is fine as well. she is in great condition aside from the noisy breathing.

    if you saw my other post, i picked her up yesterday. i dont know if this could be a cause but yesterday was a stressful day for her. 5 hours in a bumpy car was even stressful for me lol.

    what should i do? i was thinking about raising the temperature of her tank. she has 90F belly heat, 85F ambient on the hot end and 80F on the cool end. right now she has 46% humidity and her old owner didn't gauge her humidity.

    what do you think?

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    Re: Uri?

    Hmm... it sounds like it could be. You may want to give her a couple days with the temps a little warmer and the humidity at more like 60% and see how she does. How noisey is her breathing and how big is she?


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      Re: Uri?

      well i was just checking her mouth again in case i missed anything. i saw mucous bubbles, just a couple small ones along her gums BUT upon further inspection of her nostrils i just noticed that there are two small pieces of retained shed over them.

      she is 5 1/2 ft long. and she usually only makes then wheezing type, almost like a whistle, sound when she is moving around, when i pick her up, and after she yawns