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Resistant respiratory infection

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  • [Respiratory] Resistant respiratory infection

    I read the article regarding respiratory infections and the use of tylosin/tylan. I have a boa that has had a respiratory infection and my vet put it on baytril. Unfortunately the baytril treatments were unsuccessful. I am willing to try tylosin/tylan but my question is, does anyone know the ratio of this medication per lb. of snake body weight? By the way the tylan/tylosin I can get is 50.

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    Re: Resistant respiratory infection

    You want to look for Tylan 200

    Here this taken from an old thread about Tylan use

    Posted by ClayEnglish
    RTB's Administrator

    Also wanted to mention that there are currently 2 strengths of Tylan, and that is Tylan 50 and Tylan 200.

    Of course you should buy Tylan 200 if it is available in your market area. *It will reduce the dosage size by 75% over using the Tylan 50 product. 1/4 the dosage means less discomfort during the injection. By the way Tylan is available at most feed stores, and farm and supply stores, and does not require a prescription.

    So using the Tylan 200 would work out this way

    200 mg = 1 ml = 1 cc *

    Some more math examples
    1ml/200mg * 200mg = 1ml again the mg cancel out. Say we wanted to administer 75mg. *

    1ml/200mg ** 75mg = (75mg*ml)/200mg = 0.375ml *


    It should be administered in the cranial third (or the front third of the body) in the muscle on either side of the spine. You can also inject most subcutaneously, or just under the skin. *

    Jeff's article clearly refers to Tylan 50.. Tylan 200 is recommended these days as it reduces the dosage by 75%
    Tylan 200 simply reduces the dosage amount by 4
    However, I am sure that the 50mg / kg is the correct dosage as used by Jeff and others for 10 years or longer. I have followed this as well.
    Example: (rough numbers)
    Based on the recommended 50 mg/kg solution.
    20 pound boa = 9 KG
    Tylan 50 dosage = 9 ml's or 9 cc's to treat this 20 pound boa.
    Tylan 200 dosage = 2 1/4 ml's or cc's to treat this 20 pound boa
    Sooooooo with that being said let's take a look at the 5 mg/kg situation
    These dosages with 5 mg / kg would be very small indeed.
    Tylan 50 dosage = .9 ml or .9 cc to treat this 20 pound boa.
    Tylan 200 dosage = .225 ml's or cc's to treat this 20 pound boa
    9 KG
    Treating a small boa would render such smaller dosages it would be difficult to measure them as in
    2+ Pound boa = 1 Kg
    Tylan 50 dosage = .1 ml or cc
    Tylan 200 dosage = .025 ml or cc
    So I am not sure about the 5 mg/kg, maybe Jeff or someone else can chime in.
    The Dosage is always 50mgs/kg
    50 milligrams per kilogram
    Kilogram =2.2 pounds

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz