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Infected tail/scale rot round ii

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  • [Skin] Infected tail/scale rot round ii

    Ok, I'm starting to get really freakin angry...everything I seem to do doesn't work and nothing is getting all just seems to get worse.
    I took murphy to the vet a couple weeks ago and he put her on antibiotics for her infected tail. Turns out she had a yeast infection under her old shed that didn't come off after shed. Soaking in salt water, iodine and lotrimin was the "cure." He said after about 2 shed I should see improvement but there should be slight improvement after the first shed. She shed on Dec 29th. It was a full shed up until the same exact spot on her tail. I soaked it for a long amount of time and then manually took the old shed off. It came off the tip of her tail fine. No pulling. The tip seemed a little red and tender so I put some iodine and lotrimin on it. After a couple of days I fed her and everything seemed fine.
    Lately, she has been hiding under her aspen and won't come up. I saw that she had defecated/urated today. I automatically cleaned her cage. When I took her out, the bottom quarter of her belly is a pink color and a few of her scales are brown color (assuming it is because of the defecation) and the tip of her tail is brown with a visible open cut which oozes liquid and her tail has an odor to it. I would assume it is from the defecation so I ... as of right now... have her soaking in the bath tub and am trying to get her cleaned up.
    I don't know what else to do, I am extremely irritated, and feel like I am a really freakin bad snake owner right now.
    Her temp is 82* and humidity is 56%. I live in Iowa and we are in the middle of a blizzard right now so it is really difficult for me to keep her straight. Am I seriously doing something wrong???????????????
    Someone please help me....
    I will get pictures posted right away..just give me a few minutes.

    Let me reitterate that I got her from an owner that could no longer take care of her .. and yes, I have had boas before... I just never have had this problem...
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    Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

    If there is odor and liquid like that you need systemic antibiotics. Have you been in contact with the vet since things started to go downhill? Vets don't have magic balls and if they pretend like they do that's a problem. They usually start with what we call empirical treatment based on an educated guess and what direction they go in next depends on the progress of the patient. When there are non-healing infections it complicates things and you have to find the underlying problem. Is there a resistant type of bacteria? Fungal problem? Cancer? There are lot's of things that could be going on. Most importantly, you need a vet right now. If you don't like the one you are seeing now let us know as we can help you locate a different one in your area.


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      Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii


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        Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

        Sorry to say this but that does not sound good at need to get her/him back to the vet...or try another one....look up your nearest herp society and they should have a list of vets

        also put her on paper towels...keep that clean


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          Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

          I agree with Joley this sounds like its progressed from a yeast infection
          to also an actual infection,the odor sounds like infection

          I'd say put triple Antibiotic (Neosporin) on it but I don't know if
          that might complicate a swab diagnostic test

          I know I would use Neosporin and either Baytril or most likely Amakacin injection
          because that's what I have here.

          You need mainly to get serious systemic antibiotics prescribed from a
          Herp Vet who has made proper diagnoses of the infection

          Lar M
          Boas By Klevitz



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            Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

            Herp Veterinarians

            * = Recommended by herp keepers
            Fort Madison Veterinary Clinic
            1215 36th St. & Hwy. 61 W
            Fort Madison 52627

            Kathy Van Buer
            North Brady Animal Hospital
            6011 North Brady Street
            Davenport 52806-2146

            Lori Cherney
            Den Herder Veterinary Hospital
            974 Home Plz
            Waterloo 50701

            Michael Doolen
            Small Animal Teaching Hospital
            Iowa State University
            Ames 50010

            Rick Harmon
            Oaks Vet Clinic
            2030 27th St
            Des Moines 50310

            * Ross Dirks
            Spirit Lake

            S. C. Merritt
            Siouxland Animal Hospital
            2030 Indian Hills Dr.
            Sioux City

            Todd Oss
            Singing Hills Animal Hospital
            4010 Stadium Dr.
            Sioux City 51106


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              Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

              The vet that I go to is the best herp vet in doubt about that. She was on antibiotics for a week. Yeah, the antibiotics that she was on was probably a win/lose chance to actually know what is wrong with her but for a while they seemed like they were helping. He said if things seemed like they were getting worse, yes, definately bring her back in because there could be a rejection to the antibiotics. What can I use to clean her body? Is there anything specific I can do to try and help with the belly rot? I will call the doctor first thing tomorrow morning but thats all I can say.
              As of RIGHT NOW, what are your guys suggestions? Please dont tell me that you have never seen this before because the majority of you guys are very experienced, credible handlers and I know this has crossed your paths at least once before. Neo, yes, I have that, he told me lotrimin works better because it dries quicker and doesnt allow the tail to sit in a warm, moist environment. Contradiction? - seeing as if the husbandry is correct, they should already be sitting in a warm, moist environment? I dont know. Should I soak it in salt water, iodine/lotrimin it?


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                Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                Lotrimen is for a fungal type infection , I believe that's sort of what a yeast infection is

                I know yeast infection should be cleaned with a Nolvasan solution

                That's what is used on Dogs ears with yeast infection ,
                also I believe some type of steroid ear drop (Joley would know )

                If this is an infection other than or in addition to yeast
                I would think Neo would be better and
                then injections of Antibiotics

                All I can say is get into the Vet

                The scale rot needs that silversulfadine ????

                what Mike Lynch is using for his Boa scale rot problem

                Lar M
                Boas By Klevitz



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                  Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii
                  1. Use triple anti-biotic ointment (WITHOUT painkiller)
                  2. A bath in a betadine solution (10% betadine) every other day

                  Remove everthing from cage and put down paper towels...If the water dish is large enouph for your boa to bathe in..remove it and put one in only large enough for her to drink from

                  Allowing her to bathe will make it worse the only bathing should be in the betadine solution (10% betadine) need to keep that tail clean with the triple anti-biotic....same as belly....

                  systemic antibiotics is going to be very important at this stage

                  should be maintained at the mid to upper end of their preferred optimal temperatures. this will aid in there immune system


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                    Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                    Alright, I will get her to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.

                    After letting her soak in the tub, the tip of her tail seemed to lighten up and look a lot cleaner. I soaked it in salt water and put some betadine (when I said iodine I really meant betadine..pretty much same thing) and neo on it. I cleaner her cage out and put some papers down..smaller water dish..etc.
                    When bathing her in betadine, should she be submerged or should I just go a once over with the solution? Also, would a chlorhexadine soln work for cleaning her? The silversulfadine is a great idea, I will pick some up at work tomorrow (good thing is I am a hospital pharm text and have access to a wide variety )

                    Thanks guys,
                    After getting everything cleaned up and doing a little research, I think I can get this little problem under control.


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                      Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                      Looks and sounds like scale rot, however the vet can rule out any possible fungal presence. If there was a yeast infection before this may be residual fungus.

                      The tail looks like scale rot, and the lesion looks like it might have abscessed - that might account for the odor. The pink areas: are the scales textured at all? Or raised off the body?

                      As Joe mentioned get this guy on paper towels. And I wouldn't soak any more - that may aggravate the situation.

                      Originally posted by Boa Amarali View Post
                      I would think Neo would be better and
                      then injections of Antibiotics

                      All I can say is get into the Vet

                      The scale rot needs that silversulfadine ????

                      what Mike Lynch is using for his Boa scale rot problem
                      My vet prescribed Silver Sulfadiazine Cream for my boa's scale rot. It's great stuff - better that Neosporin, and it's water soluble so it can me washed off easily if need be. This actually makes it easier to clean with Chlorhexidine to help disinfect the affected areas. However, my Eddie's scale rot is in the initial stages, so I'm not sure how well the SSD would work on the the more advanced condition of your boa's tail.

                      But in the mean time use either Betadine or Chlorhexidine to disinfect the areas, and Neosporin after that. I'd do that twice a day until you can get to the vet.

                      Good Luck


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                        Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                        Originally posted by megsa21 View Post

                        would a chlorhexadine soln work for cleaning her?

                        chlorhexadine would be fine if there was not an open wound because blood and puss reduce the effectiveness so just stick to the betadine solution..

                        do not soak for to long 2 to 3 min max....remember moisture contact is a bad thing here..

                        good luck


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                          Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                          As for the pink areas, they are not textured but they do look a little risen. She has been laying on the bottom of her cage though for a couple days (under the aspen) without moving. Could that be the cause of the pink scales?


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                            Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                            tail looks like scale rot to me too, follow what the others suggested.


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                              Re: Infected tail/scale rot round ii

                              How'd it go with the vet?

                              I'm going to throw a few things out there as everyone covered things well. Betadine is actually inactivated by organic debris more than chlorhexidine, which is one reason why chlorhexidine is used so widely in veterinary medicine (we have a lot of organic debris). There are very few instances where Betadine is superior and they almost all fall onto animals with a chlorhexidine sensitivity. I usually find vets using Betadine are of the older generation and have not moved on to bigger and better disinfectants. We don't however use it for yeast. Nolvasan Otic is a great ear cleaner, but has no effect on yeast. You have to have something with very high acidity to help with making the environment less favorable to yeast and also something that will actually kill the yeast (e.g. ketoconazole, miconzaole, clotrimazole, etc).