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Bloated or not?

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  • Bloated or not?

    My baby boa looks a little fatter than normal. Ive been feeding him every week, but stoped for the past 2 since ive been treating him with tylan for a R.I. and he refused to eat yesterday(the 2nd of those feedings). I figure he just doesn't have much of an appetite right now. hes moving around just fine, seems to be feeling alot better than he was with the R.I. But looks a tad bit fatter, my eyes might just be playing tricks on me and i might be paranoid since i got the R.I. so close after getting him and don't want anything else to happen, but is it normal for them to get thicker or thinner under different circumstances or moods? He doesn't look swollen, just a little thicker than normal. Might just be really worried. he hasn't pooped in about 3 weeks either, i hope hes ok. Going to soak him tomorrow and see if he might use the bathroom.

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    Re: Bloated or not?

      Your concern is probably nothing to worry about, But may I suggest you review the care sheets paying attention to temps warm and cool side and humidity requirements for Boa's, remember most Boa's come from a tropical rain forest and have problems with low humiditity and temps gradients.
      Welcome to the forum, you've come to the right place.

      I reccomend that  you down load and save the care sheets on your pc, they can be useful anytime you have a question.
    Most new boa owners  have problems with the cage and temps.  This is also a critical time for young boa's they seem to be more sensative to temp problems than adults. :

    psps most boa's hate warm water so have the water dish on the cool side of the cage, if your using the water dish for humidity put a second water dish on the cool side, make sure its big enough for the young boa to soak in they will do this when they are dry or having a problem with shedding and it helps the babies poo...babies can dry out really fast

    psp I had lots of problems when I bought my first boa, A guyana I tried to keep her in a forty critter had lots of problems and  nearly killed her with that learning curve. She gonna be 29 mos soon getting big.. hehe

    visit Doug's kids I have a couple Boa's I am proud of.. hehe the pic forum is down for service should be up monday..


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      Re: Bloated or not?

      Ive got the housing set up right im sure Thats not a worry, he seems fine and happy. But he just hasn't pooped in along time. Maybe i just can't find it in the aspen, ive looked though. And he certaintly hasn't gone in his water, i change it daily. Its been a month since he last did. Hes not bloated i don't think, hes stayed this way for a bit now. Anyways, hes over the R.I., ate fine 2 days ago, but hasn't pooped, maybe when this new mouse gets digested he'll be too full to hold it in lol.


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        Re: Bloated or not?

        If you're keeping a complete history on your snake, which I would strongly advise, then you need to make sure you log in when your boa deficates. If you notice that it has been a long time since his last one, a good soak in warm water usually does the trick.