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  • Won't Poop

    Greetings All. I am new to the list and appreciate it's existence.

    I have a number of Herps. 2 Boa's a Green Tree Python, two mated Tokay's and a Leopard. I've had really good luck with my critters over the years and usually end up donating them somewhere once they get too large to handle. I am currently dealing with an issue and would like some advice.

    I have a Wild Caught Red Tail. Approx 2 years old. She will no longer poop on her own. She is not dealing with her urites correctly and they end up getting very hard inside of her. 2 weeks ago I was soaking and massaging her, a little white "cottage cheese" looking stuff came out of her vent. As I continued to massage her, she (pardon the pun) unloaded, first was a very large, very hard yellow white rock/cube. Then about 3 cups of fecal matter. I've been keeping her tank very moist. I've been using a small syringe to force 2 cc's of distilled water and a little bit of mineral oil once or twice a week. Still nothing. She's eaten twice (med rats) and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

    I've considered stunning and then filling her food with water and mineral oil before feeding with a hypo (only thing is the normal joe cannot get a hypo)


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    Re: Won't Poop

    Well how long have you had the snake..
    Have you had it to a vet..
    Was the fecal matter all brown.. If so there are white urates that come out first most of the time...I don't think boas pass these every time they poo... They are white and kinda hard.
    You said you have been keeping the cage very moist how moist is that... "%"
    In fact give every stat you can think of on that snake... We need alot of info to help you properly..
    Eric aka...Red
    P.s. welcome to the site...


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      Re: Won't Poop

      One of my boas, will only poop about once a month and urate about twice a month. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless it goes several months before pooping. The urates are suppose to be slightly hard and white. Boas have a great ability of getting every possible vitamin. mineral and everything good out of the rat, before releasing the waste. Try to make sure the snakes cage is at least 50%-60% humidity too


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        Re: Won't Poop

        I've had her since she was the size of a pencil (1.3 years). She's had this problem off and on since I got her. I've taken her to a vet, last summer, when she simply stopped pooping. They treated her for Flatulates (Spelling?) and gave her a distilled water and mineral oil enema. She pooped good for almost 6 months after that, right on schedule.

        In reference to the fecal matter question: The fecal matter was all brown. Nice firm little poopies. Very wet and very shiney but all firm.

        Here are all the stats.

        Her tank sits between 80-88 degrees. The humidity sits right around 60. I keep her in bark which is changed every 30 days but cleaned daily if needed. I use Distilled water in a fake rock bowl and a tank mounted heating element. Up until 2 feedings ago, (4 weeks) she was eating 2 large mice in a feeding (every 2 weeks or when she "Acts" hungry) Then I made the move to rats (I've had issues in the past with snakes not taking to Rats if I waited too long to make the switch witch makes feeding loads of fun with you have a 7 foot mouse eater. Anyway, the 'Non-Poopage' doesn't correlate to anything specific. I soak her 30 minutes every 3 days in warm distilled water. She's the only snake I've ever had to soak, my other Red Tail 7 Foot healthy 'Stryker' is his name, soaks constantly on his own. 'Rosie' Just over 3 feet, looks and acts completely healthy but simply doesn't go anywhere near her water - I've not seen her drink is all the time I've had her. She has awesome color, she's very alert, docile except when hungry and until the last shedding ALWAYS shed in one nice little sock. This last one didn't come off as nice but still much healthier than most snakes I've seen. I am going to try and attach a pic for you to see. Thank you so much. I don't like having to 'Force Poop' her and although she seemed so much more confortable after I really want to know that I am not going to hurt her. (Note: Force Poop means soaking, mineral oil, water and massage until she gets the idea.) One last note. She's the absolute fastest growing snake I've ever seen. I've had to give her extra light during a few growth spurts because I was worried that she was growing faster than her bones...


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          Re: Won't Poop

          Well you can try to use pedialite in the water to help heep the snake hydrated... The minral oil will not help hydration.. So that will help.... Other then that I can't really help... I would try the pedialite though... Oh ya non-flavored..
          Eric aka....Red


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            Re: Won't Poop

            Will the pedialite entice her to drink more or something? How would you 'give' it to her? Any ideas on where to get a larger syringe? Any comments on pumping the freshly stunned rats full of this stuff?

            Thank you for your help...


            The vet, Dr Dinger formally of Roseville, CA - Not sure where he went now - said the mineral oil would act like a laxative where the Urite crystals were involved. I sure hope this isn't something that this snake is going to have to deal with.


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              Re: Won't Poop

              No basicaly it just hydrates you better... if the snake drinks it, it will help with hydration in the snakes body.. It probley will drink just as much...
              I don't know about putting it in a stunned rat..
              Just put it in the water...
              Eric aka...Red


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                Re: Won't Poop

                The urates are suppose to be hard and almost chalky. Never pure liquid!! Just put the pedialyte in the water. He'll drink it and get it into his system from the occasional soaking that he does. Don't assume, that because you don't seem him do these things, he's not doing them. He is probably doing it when you go to bed and it's dark. Make sure you are making him poop too much either. He should not poop after everyfeeding!!! Every 2-3 feedings is probably about a normal pooping schedule. They can go for up to a month without pooping. If the urates are liquidy, he is not getting the hydration he needs from the water. It's basicly going right through him. He should have just enough liquid in the urate and poop to allow it to slide out. Trust me, it ain't that much. I have cleaned up urate that was stayed the same shape and was pretty hard from my snakes. This does not mean that something is wrong with them.
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