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    I am not sure how this whole thing works but I was wondering if anybody knows what I can do to get my boa to eat. It has been almost a month now, I usually go every 10 days. He got a burn and I have been medicating him, but he won't eat or shed right since the burn. How can I get him to eat and shed properly?

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    Re: Help

    Ok.. How long have you had the snake ?
    How long ago was the snake originally burned ?
    Has it eaten for you since then at all ?
    Where are the burns exactly ?
    If it was a heating device that you were using, then you need to lose it ASAP also and start using something different now.
    What was the cause of the burns ?
    What exactly are you treating the burns with and how ?

    Your snake if it was eating prior to the burn thing happening.. could be off of feed now due to being uncomfortable for one thing. There could be other reasons as well for the snake to be off of feed also. Going to have to determine what is causing it in order to get the snake on feed again IMO also.
    IS there any infection going on with the snake at all from or in the burned area ?

    Give me those answqers and I can give ya some guidance for the snake np ;D


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      Re: Help

      My snake was eating before he was burned. I went to go get him to feed him and I found burns on his belly. I use a heat pad and have for a year now. My snake is two years old and i have had him since the summer. I took him to the vet and was told to give him an antibiotic by mouth everyday untill it ran out. I also have a burn cream that I put on the burns twice daily. I think the burns came from the heat pad. To be exact he was 1 year and 8 months old this past August. I hope this information will help you to help me. I intend on taking him back to the vet for a check up.


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        Re: Help

        Ok.. human heating pad I take it then is what you were using ? If that is the case. A few things need to be done when using these.
        They can NOT be set any higher than medium at all..EVER. This is waay too hot for the snake to be lying on.
        The heating pad should be wrapped in something other than just the cloth thing that comes with it also. Like a towel. That will provide for more "insulation" between your snake and the heat, BUT will still give the snake the heat that it needs for digestion etc.
        If at all possible it is best to "close" off the end of the covering to the heating pad also by stitching it shut or adding snaps to it or the like. this will prohibit the snake from being able to enter between the heating pad and the covering and lie directly on the heating pad. that is what can also cause a burn to the snake.

        Now as for treating the snake for the burn.
        Why is the vet having you give the snake an antibiotic at this time ? Is there an infection present at all currently ? OR is this for prophylactic use then ? [UMM.. ie.. "just in case" type use ?] : Second on the antibiotic thing here. Did your vet state just why he / she is having you apply the anti in an oral form rather than an sq/im form [ injections] ? What is the name of anti of being used also ?
        Just a note for ya also here... Snakes are usually dosed at least every other day when it comes to an anti..not daily. That leads me to this question for ya also>>
        IS this vet an actual reptile vet or usually sees domestic animals like dog/cat etc ?

        I am almost afraid to ask just what you mean by a "burn cream" ???? What exactly is this you are using of it please ? Does it carry any type of pain reliever within it's chemical structuring at all to your knowledge even ? If you don't know just give me the name of it EXACTLY as written on the tube and I can either tell you or figure it out np from that.
        Pain reliever type creams/ointments can NOT be used safely for a snake at all fyi.

        Oh.. and with your vet having you give the snake some oral anti also.... Did the vet mention anything like stomatitis at all or even mouth rot or MR also ?
        IS the thing that your giving the snake orally called silvadene per chance ? How are you applying it to the snake orally also ? Just placing it on a certain area of the snake oR are you placing it down the throat or what then to administer it to the snake ?

        Sounds like you may possibly be dealing with a snake that has more than just a burn going on possibly to me. It sounds like there might be MR present....cause of the non-feeding and the application of an anti orally also.....IF that is the case ..Then this is why your snake is off of feed atm.  There's also a TON more that needs to be done for the snake by you also if this is the case. Give me the answers and I'll help ya out with it np also.

        Are there any discolored areas on the snake mouth area that are like a hardened brownish type coloring at all OR any cheesy like substance in the snake's mouth at all ?

        Sorry about all the questions, if I could see the snake then i wouldn't need the answers and could see what i am looking for myself np hehe. With the answers i can guide ya in the most helpful manner for your snake..That's why there's so many of them.  ???


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          Re: Help

          The heating pad I was using was a tank heater for reptile cages. It doesn't have a high or low and is made of a plastic material. I used to have it under the layer of plexy glass and that was it. I now have a heat pad with towels and then the plexy glass.
          The vet I went to has Reptiles listed as animals it treats. It is the only one in my area(Iowa City, IA). The vet examined the snake and said it was burns. I was told to give him Baytril 23mg/cc 6cc and i was to give him .4cc of the medicine daily. I was also supposed to mix it with a fruit juice to improve taste. I used a syrenge to give it orally. The burn creme is called Thermazene Burn Cream and I was supposed to use it for a minium of 21 days.
          I discovered Lenny's burn on Feb. 26th and took him to the vet on Feb. 27th. As far as the mouth, it looks normal. I hope this helps.


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            Re: Help

            Ok .. Did the snake stop eating after you started giving it the oral dosings of Baytril or prior to that ? If it was after, then that might be what is causing the snake to not feed possibly.
            Might be better to be administering the BAytril sq even to the snake. Not quite sure just why your vet didn't have you administer it this way at all ???
            K... That "burn cream" doesn't have any pain reliever in it , so that shouldn't be a problem at all applying it to the snake I would think. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic type cream that is used prophylactically [ as a precaution] basically against infections for the most part. I usually use neosporin basically here as the ointment when a snake comes in with burns. I don't think that the one your using would be any different really and sounds like it would work also for intended purpose too.

            FYI.. Sometimes those UTH's..[the heater style you were using] can get way too hot and cause a burn on the snake :'( What do you use for substrate also ? Prior to the burns and now ? With the cream being put on the snake..You should keep it on newspaper or paper towels. That helps some with the burn and the mess of the cream being on the snake also.