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    my baby is 30 inches long shes growing yeah!!! ive been feeding her mice fully grown about the size reccomended on the pic at the care sheets on this site but the only time you can tell shes ate is when its going down the hatch after it reaches its destination you cant tell its even there i feed her every 6 days. she wont eat more than one at a time she turns her nose up at it and when it starts stinking its gone LOL but i dont know if its just me but it seems like they are a lil big for her it takes her so long to swallow it but is that sufficient enough for her or should she be eating something larger

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    Re: food advice

    Depends on how you define sufficient actually. If you are refering to the number of prey that she is eating or the girth thing. YUP, sounds right to me. If you are refering to the nutritional thing, then I would say to move the snake up to an adequate sized rat prey rather than a mouse prey.