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Can boas get concusions?

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  • Can boas get concusions?

    My boa sometimes strikes while I'm placing the rat in the cage and hits the plexiglass head first. Can this cause a concusion?

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    Re: Can boas get concusions?

    I don't know about concusions, but they can sure break a jaw or bust some teeth.

    Sometimes you just cannot prevent them from doing this. I can walk through my cages for routine inspection, and some will every now and then hit the plexiglass.

    It is just a built in reaction they have to sudden movement and heat...

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      Re: Can boas get concusions?

      My boa did this just a few months ago. Her bottom jaw looked misshapen, I thought that she had broke or dislocated something. We went to the vet and soon discovered that she had actually bitten through her own gum, so that her bottom lip was stapled over her teeth. With some fancy tweeser work her lip was unstappled with no problems.