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living in small town cant find herp vet

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  • living in small town cant find herp vet

    i live in a small back woods town in texas where the vets are more into treating dogs cats horses and livestock of that nature. My snakie poo is fine for now but reading all these post of mouth rot and RI and parasites is really kinda scarey my vet knows little bout snakes ive taken my albino burmese to him before but he will readily admit to not knowing much. hes much better with my horses dogs and cats. i went to the link on here about finding a vet in my area and it showed no one. i live near texarkana texas and longview texas if anyone on here lives near these areas and knows of a good herp vet please post. thanks

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    Re: living in small town cant find herp vet

    Chances are if you went to a herp vet site and could not find one they there is not one... The best you can do then is comute to the closest vet... My vet lives about 250 miles from where I live... I just try to keep my snakes healthy...
    Now the other thing you can do is find a vet that is willing to take your word for it.... That is what I did... I found a vet that would give me what I said I needed... Then all I would do is find out what it was my snake had and what treatment worked best and then I would go to him and tell him what was wrong and he would give me what I asked for....
    Eric aka...Red
    P.s. You may be able to find a herp rescue and they may be able to help you with problems or a breeder might be able to as well...