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    Ok, my friend is babysitting a red tail boa and it had some mites or something which we got rid of and on its belly we noticed it seems to be shedding somewhat(little pieces of skin), but it has shown no other signs of shedding. And it has also lost a little weight since the mite attack. What should we do?

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    Re: help

    First.. Just how did you get rid of the mites ? What method was used for that ?

    On the loss of weight..has the snake gone off of feeding for any length of time at all ?

    What is the husbandry set at for the snake at this time ?
    hot/cool temps ?
    humidity ?
    substrate ?
    cage set up ..hides etc ?

    Let us know if the snake is eating or not..That's going to make a difference in how you approach the weight loss thing going on with the snake. BTW... By weight loss.. Do you have an actual account of the weight lost and/or is the snake looking like it has lost weight and that's what your going by ?
    Also how old and how big is the snake ?