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I think my boa's dying

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  • I think my boa's dying

    I have a red tail which i purchased not long ago. i was told to feed it one week after ive had and this weekend will be the third weekend ive had it ( the one coming up. ) They told me to feed medium sized rats and well I purchased one. Ive put it in the cage a number of times over the last week and a half. He wont eat or even pay attention to his pray. At first I just wanted to really see him eat cause ive never seen a snake eat before but now im worried hes starving hisself because he seems to begetting thinnger and by that i mean excess skin around the neck and well I wonder if this is a sign of shedding or what because he looks like hes shedding and well his eyes were glazed over now their not, but guess what? No snake skin anywhere? When I rub him its like i can easily feel his bones and he doesnt feel the same while im holding if he was once fat....and he has irratation marks around his head it appears. The rat hasnt did any damage to him....I was thinking maybe the rat was too big. Im 17, and unemployed, I have no money for a vet and Im calling the place where I got him tomarrow hoping they can do something for me. But they seem like a** holes....I really wish I could do something for him or like find something out.......please help!

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    Re: I think my boa's dying

    well if your boa is eating med size rats it can go alot longer than three weeks without eating. When a boa is going to shed it eyes will cloud then return to normal the it will shed it skin in a few days. be shure your humidity is aroud 65%.

    I am no expert on problem feeders though. I have three boas and the one I just bought a few weeks ago I cant get to eat for anything.
    My only suggeston is to keep tying



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      Re: I think my boa's dying

      Yea if his eyes were cloudy and now there fine, he will shed any time now. Also dont feed him live food, AND DONT LET THE RAT STAY IN HIS CAGE WITHOUT YOU WATCHING!! Buy a frozen rat from a pet store and thaw it out complettely, hold it in front of him or place him in a box with the mouse overnight. But of course dont do this tell after he sheds. just wait for the shed and then let us know whats going on.


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        Re: I think my boa's dying

        Ok.. first off. Please take a look at this page I have on my site in regards to live feeding of snakes... .

        Now as for your snake ...
        How old is the snake and what is it's size ?
        Now as for the prey size.. It should be the same size as the girth of the snake. If you are feeding it medium sized rats.. I would think that your snake is in the vicinity of about 3-5' possibly. { of course that all depends on what your idea is of a medium rat and if it is consistant with what I consider a medium rat hehe]. If the prey is too large for the snake.. The snake will make no attempt to make dinner of the rat btw also in most cases. So let;s get the size of the snake down here for starters. Possible that you could provide any pics of the snake at all possibly for us to see the sizing etc of it at all ?

        Where do you live btw ? One of us may be close by and could help out possibly with you setting the snake "straight" np.

        Now you mention that the snake is getting thin since you got it. And it's only been like 3 weeks so far ? That doesn't sound correct to me at all. It usually will take much longer for a snake to start to look like they are losing weight than 3 weeks, unless there is an apparent health problem going on with the snake that is . Snakes can and do go a looong time without feeding with no ill affect to their weight that would be noticable to the naked eye. I have had snakes go up to 8 months off feed and not lose any weight at all even.

        As for the loose skin around the "neck" area of the snake. Sounds like your snake might be dehydrated possibly even. [ If this is not a weight loss that is]. Try soaking the snake once per day in luke warm water for about 1/2 hour. it would be beneficial to the snake also if you get some gatorade and place some of that in the soaking water also btw. If you use any of the colored ones, like red, your snake will turn reddish colored btw also. Don't fret over that, it will go away with shedding. I use the white one so as to not have the coloration thing going on when I have to soak a snake at all. Also place gatorade in the snake's water bowl also.. Just place a 50/50 mix of water/gatorade in the bowl and your snake will drink it np.

        Now as for this...
        and he has irratation marks around his head it appears
        Please describe in more detail what you are saying exactly here. I can think of MANY things that this could relate to or be.. BUt in order to tell you what to do for it..I need more info please. Pics would be great btw of what you are refering to here.

        Like somene said.. The snake will go into "blue' and then come out of it.. then at a later date [ usually within about a week's time] the snake will shed. So it sounds like you have nothing to worry about here at all. Oh and BTW.. I wouldn't bother trying to feed the snake while it is in shed at all either.. Just wait till after it has shed AND....

        Also it is imperative that you get the snake rehydrated prior to trying to feed it anyways. The snake could have problems digesting it's meal if it is dehydrated and could possibly even regurgitate the prey which will only lead to more problems for the snake if it does. Just get it hydrated first is all.

        Now for some other info that will help us all to help you and your snake better.. Please provide the following information on your snake >>>

        What is the caging.. size , hides etc ??
        What is the temperature at the cool and warm sides ?
        What are you using for heating and where is it located on the cage ?
        What is the humidity in the cage ?
        What lighting are you using in the cage [ if any] ?

        Oh and you really should only offer a snake it's meal on a schedule too. if you offer too often, then you could stress the snake out and it will not feed due to stress possibly.


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          Re: I think my boa's dying

          Hi you guys, I think I may have been over worried. I came home today and my boas skin is coming off and I think this is the source of all my worries. I think now when his skin is gone he will be ok and the loseness i thought I seen was just because he was shedding, Im sorry for the alarm but this my first snake and I dont know much or what to expect. I hope this means he will eat in a few days.....Ill keep you posted and thanks for your help.


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            Re: I think my boa's dying

            OK.. So apparently your snake is now in the process of shedding then. That's good. BUT....

            Im sorry for the alarm but this my first snake and I dont know much or what to expect.
            Like you have stated above yourself even in that quote....This is your first snake and you are basically clueless when it comes to dealing with the snake and caring for it as well as knowing what is going on with it also. In order to "learn" and gain in knowledge reflective in keeping your snake healthy and all....[i]Why don't you take the time and answer the questions asked above in relation to your snake. Then we can provide the answers to them , and/or input that will help to enable you to continue keeping your snake healthy. The answers you provide will enable us to pass on our knowledge in relation to what we all have learned and know in regards to keeping the snake healthy that you have. Sometimes one lil mistake in husbandry can make for a HUGE problem down the road in a snake's health even. If there is something that is a bit off in your husbandry that could do this, we'd point it out for you at this time. Thereby saving you some potential grief down the road is all.
            Some of us took the time to answer your "issue" in depth, how about the same courtesy on your part towards us also now ? This is afterall a living creature and if you did not know/recognize a shed or become "educated" on the snake's care prior to obtaining it....It just wouldn't be fair to the snake at all, nor a healthy thing either IMO. Now that the snake is in your possession, please take the time to "learn/educate" yourself in it's proper care is all.
            [NOTE: Please don't take this as a personal attack , it ids only meant to enlighten you as to what is needed to properly care /provide for your snake is all We all started somewhere at one time in keeping herps....the more help we all can ghet from that point, the better it is for our herps is all. That's why these boards are here btw .. to help other herp keepers hehe.]


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              Re: I think my boa's dying

               I think maybe you need some additional information that may be useful and easy for you to use.
                Clay the owner of this web page has put together some excellent care sheets. You can print them and put them in a notebook for review when your off line.  Please understand your snake comes from a tropical rainforest like area that has fairly constant temps the animal needs heat to digest  food and fight off infection's, some north american snakes are very hardy (Kings, Corn, Garters snakes can hibernate) but the Boa's although resilant will eventually develope problems from lack of adequate and controlled heat.
              please read the care sheets' print them and review them .. If you see a problem in your cage ask for help, it could mean the difference in your boa thriving and getting a lung infection that requires very expensive injections from a VET to live.
              Many boa's from pet stores get sick just from the extremes they experience while being shipped and setting in that airconditioned store..
                     Many of the people who post on this page have seen numerous snake die from negelect and poor cage condition's
                here's the care sheets's check them out.. it will save you money in the long run.. if you would e-mail me at my email at [email protected]
              I could e-mail you the care sheets in Adobe format, your computer probably has that program installed and it will open autmatically.. You didn't post your e-mail address on your address page..  :P
              The Care Sheets click below>>>>>>


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                Re: I think my boa's dying

                Hey you guys! Im sorry if yall feel like ive been neglecting yall and not been responding. Between my power being knocked out because of the ice storm and going back to dial up AOL and having my phone company **** up our service, I havent been able to get online in a while. Heres the snake is about 3 and a half foot long. Ive been told that hes a male by the pet store but the people at the store are ***' anyway so that may not be accurate. The problem is...for the time being I have him in a small fish tank, only 10 gal...and I know you guys are going to be pissed about that but its only temporary. I dont think the heating is right neither cause I do have a heat lamp ( the pet store advised to get this instead of anything else ) and it keeps the cage warm but ive been told that youre not suppose to have it on 24/7. I do have him some water in it, and I do have the bark in the bottom but I know my humidity cant be right because his shed was far from one peice because I even helped him shed because I got tired of looking at it. Anyways, the deal is my dad is going to build me a big should I tell him to make it? And is there any other things I should do...PS...even after the shed.....and getting a smaller rat...and about 3 weeks to a month of having the snake...he has yet to eat.... ???. My email is JC [email protected]


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                  Re: I think my boa's dying

                  Ya really need to state what your temps are even. This may be the whole reason the snake will not eat possibly.
                  Yeah, not great to have that light on 24/7 . BUT If ya get one of the reptile heat bulbs you can leave it on np 24/7 even. Are you using one of them or a regular light bulb ?

                  As for the size cage to build...If the snake is already 3 1/2 ' [ btw it was eating to get this big anyhow also]then just have him build one that is like 4' w x 2' d x 2' h and that will last it for life np. Just make sure that you place MANY hides in there is all till it gets bigger is all. Best heating for that is also a heat panel imo.


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                    Re: I think my boa's dying

                    well....i dont know the heat because i have no thermometor. Yes I know he had to be heating to get that big but the prob is that he isnt eating now. and yes its a reptile bulb. How long do they last anyway?


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                      Re: I think my boa's dying

                      k.. You REALLY need to get a thermometer for starters then. The temps can play a MAJOR part in a snake not eating. Without the temps, we couldn't tell you if that could be why it's not eating though.

                      The bulbs can last a long time even. Basically..till they stop working is it. I have had some go out in a week and some last up to a year. So couldn't say really how long to expect one to last even. It is the heating one and not just a uvb one right ?


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                        Re: I think my boa's dying

                        Hello everyone! Good news, my boa ate! it was really cool.....I could tell he was hungry cause he was going around his cage in a stalkin like manner and no sooner i dropped the rat in there he ate it! Thanks for your help, ill keep ya posted.


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                          Re: I think my boa's dying

                          Hi there, I'm new to this site but own 21 snakes of all sorts and much of my life.
                          What I want to say...and it's difficult in a way...
                          with all respect towards you and other people...

                          ................if you don't have a job or money....are you prepared for this animal? I'm sure you really dig having a snake but are you willing to do what it takes if it has a problem as to going to the vet in the future?

                          You may have to do this someday if it needs further care.

                          i AM glad he ate..... it sounds like you care very much but don't forget the 100 percent of caring and that includes EVERYTHING for him. not just something to show off or say you 'have'.

                          Wether that's the case or not.....please remember....his life is in your hands and he needs genuine loving hands and gentle ones at that. NEVER JERK A SNAKE AROUND

                          good luck on his future feedings!


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                            Re: I think my boa's dying

                            Just wondering if ya got those thermometers yet or not ? What are the temps ? Just cuz the snake has eaten doesn't mean that you don't need to get them therms etc...your snake if not being kept in proper husbandry could still refuse feed again unless his environment is correct. So how about updating us here some then ?


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                              Re: I think my boa's dying

                              I have not read all the other replies but i am sure that they mentioned the following: do not try ot feed the same prey for more than one day because decay starts to set in. I recomend fresh frozen or if necessary fresh killed (never live)!! If a glossy caoting sets in over your snakes eyes it will shed in a few days or your humidity is to low. By the sounds of things i would guess your humidity is too low. Try misting your sanke with HOT water twice a day. You should do this dring shed cycle as well. Sometimes when feeding it helpes to put your snake in a different enclosure (smaller tupperware) fro feeding. Do not be afraid to leave the boa in there for an hout or two till they take interest in the rat/mouse. This is also helpful in conditioning your snake to eat in a different environment other that it's cage, which will prevent you from being mistakin for food. a definite plus when the snake is older!! Remember if you do not have any luck take the snake to a dealer or proffesional! Do not let it dye on the account of human error!!
                              Good Luck and keep reading this forum for useful info!!