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My new boa won't eat!:'(

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  • My new boa won't eat!:'(

    I already posted in the miscellaneous forum (see Pet Store Purchase) about my new Colombian Red Tail Fred--and I cannot get him to eat! The vet said he was underweight, and he's only 22 1/4 inches long so he's just a baby. He also doesn't 'grip' correctly when I hold him--he'll flick his tongue but other than that he just hangs there (won't grip with his tail). So, I've tried f/t, f/t dipped in chicken broth, and live (all pinkies). I called the pet store where I got him from today and they told me he wasn't eating because he is in a new environment and has to adjust--and I knew from the research I did that snakes won't eat for many reasons, but everything else the pet store has told me hasn't been true. So, I wanted to get some opinions from people here in the forums (since I'm sure you guys know more about snakes than those morons in the pet store). I hope hope HOPE that he's getting ready to shed--his eyes are not opaque, but he does feel quite dry (and that isn't a humidity problem, he has a huge ceramic water bowl, and I mist him down with water about five times a day--and once a day with Four Paws Nature's Reptile Vita-spray). I also have a daytime light (just a 40 watt globe light bulb--but it keeps his temperatures right, about 82-84 in his cool area, about 90-92 in his basking area) and I also have a nighttime bulb (60 watt black phosphor incandescent). He also has electrolytes that I dissolve in his water bowl--and he only gets Dasani bottled water (room temp) because I am afraid of the chemicals in tap water. I also change his water daily. Oh, and I use Careeresh pet bedding as a substrate (which contains no pine or cedar), and I also bought an under-tank heater for him. Am I doing anything wrong?? I don't think I am, I've read the care guides and some of the health-related posts. Oh--and I have already taken him to the vet, he has no mites either. Forgot one more thing--I gave him two drops of Nature Zone Appetite Plus in his mouth today (I have to brag that he was a very good boy about that--didn't struggle too much, but it could be because he's sick that he doesn't struggle). Am I overdoing things or worrying too much? I just want Fred to be the healthiest, happiest snake he can be. Any suggestions? :-/

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    Re: My new boa won't eat!:'(

    If you did just get your new boa on the 3 it has only been two days scence you brought him home. It sounds like you are doing everythin gright as far as the cage goes. I would let him be for a few more days don't pick him up just let him cruse around his new home and explore. Around saterday or sunday try to feed him in a seprate contaner.
    I have rubermaid contaners that I feed my snake in. Put some news paper in the bottom Pok some holes in it for air. Then put the food iteam in first then I put my snake in close the lid and come back in a half hour or so and the f/t rat pup is gone. Never leave yout snake alone with a live food iteam it could hurt possibley even kill your boa.
    But for now just calm down. And this weekend try to feed and let us know how things go. Good luck