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  • Salmonella!!!

    read this
    Eric aka  Red

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    :Yeah it is the same old song and dance about reptiles and salmonella.  Wash your hands Blah Blah Blah. I have read and heard the same stuff before. All I can say is I have 2 snakes, 1 year old ball python, and a 8 and 1/2 month old Columbian Redtail and have never had any problems with salmonella.

    I am sorry but I just don't believe their explanation for the increases of salmonella on reptiles. There are also alot more people in the world today than in the past. Which makes for alot more people who eat fast-food ect. People also don't have as much time as people awhile back did which makes for alot more people who don't always do things properly with food preperation.  

    They are accusing reptiles as the cause of salmonella increase without any facts to back it up.


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      here is something I read today on today:

      Poultry Processor Pilgrim's Pride is recalling 27.4 million
      pounds of cooked sandwich meat after warnings of possible contamination
      from the listeria bacteria, the largest meat recall in US history. The
      nation wide recall covers deli meat sold under the company's food brand.

      If they have to recall that much meat for listeria backteria how much meat do you think carries salmonella and still gets sold and unproperly cooked and eaten.


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        I have to agree with Viper, I think its a bunch of bull that we can get saminilla from snakes, lizards, ect. Just like when people say dont feed tegu's raw eggs cause they can get Salmonella, you think they eat cooked food in the wild? No they dont. Sorry I got of the topic but had to say it!


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          I was in a hurry that day I thought this was a bunch of bull s^!t too...  I mean I have to say that I know about 20 people around here that have snakes/lizards and I know not of one that has ever had Salmonella...  I eat with my snake in my lap somtimes like when I am watching tv I eat pop corn or chip's while I am holding my snake...  It has never as much as made me even the slitest bit sick from it...  this it the stupidest thing I think...  I for the most part wash my hand's but I don't think it is nessasary..
          Eric aka...Red


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            Re: Salmonella!!!

            Studies have shown that the #1 way of contracting Salmonella is simply by touching raw (grocery store purchased) meat and then touching something that is already cooked or simply handling raw chicken and not washing your hands.

            Reptiles can carry salmonella, so we should do what we can to reduce the risk of contracting salmonella. EVEN if I think it is highly unlikely that we can get it from reptiles.

            Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before, during and after handling all your reptiles.
            To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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            -Clay English
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              Re: Salmonella!!!

              I have some Microbiology experience and have been looking for a resource thats usable .
               This was written by a ,VET REPTILE FORUM ,it goes into the facts about salmonella and the myths,It posted on an excellent reptile forum for VETS. I would possibly save this article..
              they also have numerous additional resource articles but you must be a member,too bad this info could be extremly useful. I will  give this shortcut to my favorite Herp vet.. :P