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  • floppy tail

    this question may seem silly.My snake has a floppy tail when
    you holdhim it just kind of drops it desnt hold on sometimes it does. :-[I have delt with balls before but this is my first redtail.
    any advise would be great.

    warren howell

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    Re: floppy tail

    Does it work fine..?? You know can he grab things with it if he/she want's... If he can I think that you should not have a problem.. I have seen this with my redtail.. he seem's to be content with his hold on you or the other way around.. and he will just let his tail hang like a dead apendge.. Well have a good day
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: floppy tail

      How large is the snake ? I find that the larger ones will let their tails hang about long as they are comfortable with however else it is they are "hanging about" is all. Like was said..if the snake uses the tail other times.. then don't worry about it at all.


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        Re: floppy tail

        my snake is 2 half feet he just shed. he lets it flopalot. but when he grabs your fingers or arm is in a vice grip.I thought I would never find a snake better than my ball python,but I did the redtail is the best.


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          Re: floppy tail

           I ve noticed with some of my boa's when they are really tense they hang on tight, if they are really comfortable with you they will relax and just sort of hang.. Now some of my snakes never completely relax,  other's are ok with being out and about and I have to be sure and pay attention to not drop them by accident. Sounds like she really trust you.. She's at the perfect temps and humidty in her cage right???


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            Re: floppy tail

            My boa does that alot too. She is really trusting in me. There are times where if i don't pull her back onto my shoulder, she would just fall right off...once i get her in my control, she COMPLETELY relaxes....almost seems dead at should be glad he/she is like that, instead of jumpy and snippy...