Let her go through her shed before deciding if she needs anything done in relation to those blisters. The blisters should go away with the shedding process. That's what will happen most of the time with them. IF they do not, then let us know and we can tell ya how to deal with them at that point.
Do you have any idea what the origin of the blisters is at all even ?
Oh and once she sheds.. Don't let her have access to a soaking thing for water if the blisters are still present. Also, make sure that her substrate is NOT damp at all either at any time.
You say these are on the top side of the body also ? Did she have a bulb in her cage with last owner that had no type of guard on it at all and possibly got burnt from leaning into it do you know ?
What's her over all health like besides the blistering also ?