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  • he? she?

    Hey, I have a 21 month-old, 3 foot red tail, and have had three opinions- two breeders say its a boy, and one vet says its a girl... I don't know who to believe, but I want to figure it out fairly soon before my snake has an identity crisis! I've been in the dark for over a year now - Any clues?

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    Re: he? she?

    hi allie,
    I would take it to a vet that knowes what tey are doing and have him or her probed. With a snake that size it is best to probe.

    Also you could take a look at the vent right next to the vent area are sprus. The spurs in a male are much more noticeable than in females. If you have a camera take a few pic and post them and I am sure that some one would be able to tell (Clay).

    Well good luck



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      Re: he? she?

      Hi there;
      With the info that you supplied.. I would say that it is a male. I personally would go with what breeders have said than a vet anyday myself. I'm amazed that some vets even know what end to look at for sexing a snake even. LMAO. Sorry , BUT There are few and far between vets that know anything about reptiles from what I have seen and IMO also. Take into consideration also just how many snakes that vet sees per year and out of those just how many has the vet actually sexed even ? Breeder's that do the sexing of the snakes most likely see/sex more snakes a month than vets do a year even. HECK some breeders do that in just one clutch even lol.
      As for the spurs and sexing.. that is NOT a 100% thing at all IMO. IF it were a colubrid like a king snake or such though.. ya could tell just by looking at the tail end of the snake np usually.
      Go ahead and post pics of your snake anywyas.. we all like looking at reptile pics np here ;D


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        Re: he? she?

        I would trust my breeder before I trusted my vet. If you bought your snake while it was very young it can hard to sex them somtimes if your talking about a bci. I wouldnt attempt to probe him or her without seeking advice.