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  • BURNS??!!!!!---HELP

    I recently purchsed a cobra mat and placed in in my tank with some coconut bedding on top of it. This was three days ago today, I noticed some pink coloration on my RTB. IS THIS THERMAL BURNS?!!!

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    Re: BURNS??!!!!!---HELP

    Sent this to your pm'er also Zeus..

    Eww. could be a burn possibly. or some scale rot going/just starting out even... BUT IF ya just put a mat in the cage I'd say it is a burn most likely.
    First remove that heating mat ! Place the snake on basically a substrate of newspaper or paper towels also only. Apply a triple antibiotic ointment to the area at least twice per day also [ make sure that there is NO pain reliever in the ointment at all also !!!! ie.. don't use neosporin with pain reliever or any other brand that says with either] Keep the snake dry basically.. like not a high humidity at all.. long as the snake is 100% healthy otherwise..then I would even go as low as like 40% even for humidity myself. Also take out any bowl of water the snake could soak in actually and give just a bowl for drinking is all. Just use like an overhead light for heating for now also so the snake can not lie directly on any heating dsource either [ the "skin" is more "tender" etc atm and last thing snake needs to do is lie on heat directly. It will be able to digest np with just an o/h light for heat also btw np].
    Are there any blisters ? If not there may be some formed later even. Just don't go popping them at all. When you apply the anti to area any blisters that form may just open and ooze..just ignore it is all and let em drain but apply ointment anyways also. WATCH THE AREA ON THE SNAKE VERY CLOSELY FOR ANY INFECTION ALSO ! Long as ya do the above though.. shouldn't infect at all though.
    GL with it !

    Oh and do you have any pics at all to see what's going on exactly possibly ?


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      Re: BURNS??!!!!!---HELP

      1st how long have you had this boa...??
      2nd Is this coloration all the way down the bottom of the snake or just in spots...???
      3rd Did you ever see you boa laying on top of the mat??

      I have two boa's and both show pink on there belly's when they are nice and warm/happy(I don't know which one) My bigger one as he as grown has started to show this all the time. The lil' ones belly has started to look very pink somtimes... I thought may-be a burn at first but nope they have been like this since I got them...
      Well can you get a pic.?? That would help...

      Lori have you seen that fire belly boa...?? I think I seen it on your site..?? But once again I can not remember where I saw it..
      Well have a nice day
      Eric aka....REd


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        Re: BURNS??!!!!!---HELP

        Any chance of a picture of the belly?
        Doug ???