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Winter handling

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  • Winter handling

    Hi, just have a few question's about room temperature,in the winter time.I keep my place around 72 degree's f in the winter, my enclosure on the hot side is about 88, and on the cool side about 82. I was just wondering, when i take my snake out for handling, will this sudden drop of air temperature cause an RI. Sometimes when i take her out, she doesnt move from my hand, yea she is still a baby. :. This is my first winter with her, just wanna make sure she is ok...

    Thx for reading

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    Re: Winter handling

    Taking her out for a handling session in the winter time should not be a problem at all even with those temps. We do it all the time and have for years even here. None of our snakes has come down with an RI as a result of doing such either. I just wouldn't make the handling sessions like 12 hour ones though. Also don't take the snake ourside or answer the door to the outside with it either. That would possibly cause an RI and also possibly a heart attack for the person at the door too ;D


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      Re: Winter handling

      I handle all my snakes year round indoors, I ve found they love them fleece jackets when worn in the house and will climb inside and peak out the top. Iam a Funny looking lumpy man with large snake head growing out of his neck.
      Another point is my snake room is usally warmer in the winter cause I open the heat vent in the room .. The tank heaters usally coast during the winter in the cages. Most RI's are caused by extended periods of low heat, low humidty,and temp gradients in the cage that exceed reccomended limits on the cool side..
      My reptile vet told me a long time ago that snakes tend to shut down if not kept in optimal conditions..This will cause their immune system to stop responding ..
      Hug them boa's in the winter too...