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rat bite fever?

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  • rat bite fever?

    Hi Forum,
    I recieved my new reptile magazine today  and there was an article about problems with rat bites.
      I realized that rodents have their own flora but some have a species of bacteria that can produce toxins that can be lethal to snakes this could result from a single bite so in my mind all rat bites should see a good herp vet ASAP. Another problem with this infection can be from the Bacteria toxins , the toxins can make the animal sick or worse after the bacteria die from antibiotic therapy.Some bacteria have internal and external toxins kill the  bacteria bug but your   snakes body stil has to deal with the toxins. yeach. This was news to me Its an excellent article under Q&A to the Vet. page 14 prey bites ,,

               Great Reptile Magazine. I have a 2 year subscription..
    psps, I e-mailed the mag for a release on the article I hope to post either a shortcut or the article, gotta get the ok from them..  
    If your snake is having a hard time adjusting to fresh thawed rodents review the care sheets contact your fellow herpers, the most painful and tragic event is to find your beloved boa chewed up by some semi-wild rodent (saber-toothed rat ), you can never completely get rid of the scar's... :P