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  • lighting question

    hi. i was wondering about the 12 hrs of light & 12 of darkness rule. my permanent enclosure should be ready in a couple of days so in the mean time i am using an aquarium with a screen lid for joey's (my new baby redtail) home. i am using heat lamps for right now and they are holding the temps well. for a night time heat source i am using a black light. is this dark enough for her or does she need complete blackness?
    the temps are holding @ 82 on the cool side and a smidge over 90 on the hot side. so i am really not worried about temps.
    any feedback would be great! thanks!

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    Re: lighting question

    some reptiles need light (uva/uvb) ray's.. Boa don't it is benificial to give them a light cycle.. But if sun get's in the room then that should be enuf... From what I under stand clay and jeff don't even use any in there cages.. I would just go with what ever it is doing out side... I have mine set so that it go's off about 30 min's before it is dark and comes on about 30 after it becomes light... I change it every 3 month's and it is as easy as that... But like I said your boa does not need a light at all.. And as for the light's that you are useing you might want to get a che (ceramic heat emitter) They last years and will not break when water hit's them... You don't want light bulb in the cage with the snakes.... Plus you can use it as the heat source all day long...
    Well have fun with the lil guy
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: lighting question

      Again, although it is perfectly okay to use a light source to show off those beautiful boas and I hope most people do show them off, it is not necessary for the health of the boa.

      You should research the Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE). Replace the black light with the CHE, and you will be much happier. They can be left on 24X7 and last an incredibly long time. The black light bulbs blow out like crazy and you will quickly invest much more money than if you had just purchased the CHE in the first place.

      It is important to turn out ALL light sources at night. Black light, red light, etc etc. Turn them off at night. This is why we need alternate heat sources such as the UTH and CHE.
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        Re: lighting question

        thanks for the info