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Rosy boa regurgatate..

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  • Rosy boa regurgatate..

    Well yesterday, Right after I put my rosy boa back in the cage it threw up it has been 4 day's since it had eaten...  Well I think that it threw up..  the thing looked perty gross..  It looked like the mouse that I had fed him except it was just glossy white and looked like it was a sack..  Nothing in side...
    I am right in thinking that this was probley excesive stress...  From like holding or heat in the cage... Not feeding to much or to large..  The cage had been getting up to like 90 in the late after noon...  
    We also have a fire like 6-7 miles from our house could it be the smoke..???
    Also it had went through a non feeding period for like 3-4 weeks right before..  The mouse that he threw up was the second one after the non feeding time...  I was feeding every 5 days..  Well thanx for all the help
    Eric aka...Red
    P.s. This is a new snake to me...

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    Re: Rosy boa regurgatate..

    I have a seperate question. How are rosy's? Are they as friendly as red tails? The care i've heard is similar to a kingsnakes.
    Thank you
    feel free to email
    [email protected]