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  • Not eating.......

    I have 2 Colombians that I purchased in July of '99. They were about 5 months old. They have shared the same cage since I purchased them and have never been apart. My famale is always an agressive eater that will eat just about anytime you offer her food. My male is always a scheduled eater and will only eat when it is supposed to. This would be their third year and at 6(+) feet I believe they have reached sexual maturity. My female has kept on eating as usual, but my male stoped eating last month. It has been a little over a month since he has eaten. He hasn't lost weight or mass and looks as healthy as usual. I catch at night pacing the cage as though he is looking for something. I have confused his pacing with looking for food just because in the past it's what it usually is. Would there be a reason why he stopped eating? Has he lost his interest in feeding in search of mating? Please help.
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    Re: Not eating.......

    There are all kind's of reason's that snakes stop eating... In fact that is a warning sign for just about every thing... Although I don't think your snake is sick it maybe... have you tryed to feed at night...? That somtimes works.. I found out that my rosy boa is scared of the tong's but will not take it from the ground so I have to feed by hand..(this is the only snake I own that I hand feed...) Also redtails are ambush hunters so may-be if you put him in a hidi box and try to feed it could help induce a feeding responce... There are some "?" that you can answer that would help with trying to find out what is wrong...
    1 Is the snake pooping?
    2 Have you noticed any abnorml soking or Have you had low humidity in the cage?
    3 Are the temp.'s to high...?
    4 How often do you think that a six foot boa should be eating?
    5 What size prey do you feed?
    And just about anything abnormal that you have seen...
    Eric aka...Red