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  • HELP!

    I think i got mites......well my snake does.....on the tip of her nose it looks like somtin is eating away at it.....and today i found little black things in the cage......and now i see that her nose is bubbling a little bit....her tongue movement is good and everything....

    There are no pet stores open right now....what do i do?.....

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    Re: HELP!

    ok i over did way to nervous....turns out its not a bubble its like a little piece of grass in her nose that goes in and out as she breathes......but still little black things in the water....and also the thing on her looked like it was bleeding before and now its scabbing over.......could she have done this trying to get out of the cage and cutting it on the screen top? or is it mites?

    Help me out....THANKS


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      Re: HELP!

      if the nose is bubbling with mucos then that is your first priority. you need to make a vet appointment as soon as possible to take care of what is most likely a respitory infection. RI'S are very serious and must be taken care of immediatily. the next thing you need to do is figure out why the snake has the respitory infection to begin with. what are your temps in the cage? for the mites you need to buy a can of provent a mite. he is the website


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        Re: HELP!

        well im sure its not RI anymore....there is no bubbling it was a mistake...i got badddd eyes........i just need provent a mite......but do the mites eat at the that why my snake was bleeding?.....I know that my snake always trys to get out so im thinking that it tried to get out and cut it on the screen top.........


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          Re: HELP!

          mites are little worthless blood sucking pests. i have never seen mites draw blood on a snake but i guess its possible. it may be that your snake rubbed up against something in the cage like u already mentioned. the snake could have done this while it was trying to get out or it may have been trying to rid its face of the mites.


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            Re: HELP!

            OH GREAT! two of you on the one thread here and BOTh with damien in your names lol.
            ANyways.. In regards to the mites, you need to use one of the methods to get rid of them. PAm seems to work usually for a lot of people. You also need to soak the snake a bit to drown as many of them as you possibly can too. Just for like a short time of like an hour or such even should help. Also you need to CLEAN that cage out VERY WELL. Use newspaper as a substrate and change and clean it like daily too.

            As for the nose rub thing. that sounds exactly like what the snake has done.
            Clean the area using novalsan....
            Apply an antibiotic ointment such as neosporin or baytril MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THE ONE WITH THE PAIN RELIEVER IN IT ALSO
            Do this like at least twice per day also

            If you do notice any type of wheezing/bubbling etc from your snake GET IT TO THE VET ASAP!


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              Re: HELP!

              Lori is right, watch out for the new neosporin product.

              Neosporin Plus (+) is the one to avoid. It has the added pain reliever that must be avoided.

              I usually recommend Polysporin for this simple fact. It is basically the same as Neosporin, without the confusion of the pain killer problem.

              I have used polysporin exclusively myself.
              To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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                Re: HELP!

                Thanks guys.....I use the polysporin......i gave her a bath the other day....i fed her ....she ate great....and shes seems to be doin well now


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                  Re: HELP!

                  The nose damage is from the screen, my adult corn did that about a year ago, it was redish and looked liked it was bleeding. For the mites just do what everyone else says.