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  • Confused ??!!??

    The other day I noticed that my redtail had regurgitated what was left in her stomach. She had been fed 9 days earlier and has shown no sign of a problem. Her behavior has been calm as ever.

    The only thing i could think of that might have sturred her stomach is that about 3-4 days after i fed her i noticed her eyes start to haze over. She shed about 4 days later and the day after she shed is when she spit up her food. Is it possible that her shedding caused her to regurgitate her food? Or should i bring her to a vet to rule out any kind of stomach problems. This is the first time I have really had a problem like this.

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    Re: Confused ??!!??

     I  would consider that the Boa didn't stay at the correct ambient temps. The only time I ve seen them regurge that late was when they stayed in the hide on the cool side of the cage.
     Try to raise the ambients on the cool side to 82. Are you using a UTH for additional heat.
      Heat and humidity are important for good boa health and digestion.  Please review the care sheets and remember most glass tanks have temp gradients usally to warm on one end to cold on the other.
    I used to use 40 critters for babies and had big problems with heat until i went to UTH  with thermostats and covered the top with a towel to hold heat and humidity.Target temp 82 cool side.
    Care sheets,
      good luck DOug
    ps It may have been the shed they tend to move around alot but the regurge  was kind of late after that feeding  for it to be activity only..



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      Re: Confused ??!!??

      Really there are only a few main factors that lead to regurgitation. Of course there are many additional reasons but the majority of them relate to sickness/stress.

      1. Ambient Temperatures too low or too high
      2. Stress/sickness
      3. problems with the rodent supply itself.

      Other people will certainly add their thoughts, but I recommend you read the Instant Solution on regurgitation, for helpful hints of how to proceed now.

      But first check the 3 things I listed above.
      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

      -Best Regards
      -Clay English
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