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  • [Health-General] Poop color

    Hi guys I fed my boa her first rat on 11/18/14 and tonight 11/26/14 she passed it! As I was cleaning out the poop I noticed it had a green tint to it. It was formed normal the only difference was the color. Is this normal? I know someone will ask for a picture but I stupidly flushed it before . Any advice would be helpful

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    Re: Poop color

    It happens. If you're truly worried contact a vet and ask their opinion. My big girl had a green tinted poo and was just fine.


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      Re: Poop color


      Do you use well water? If so you may have to much iron in your water and this will cause kidney problems for your boas and pythons. Years ago I use my well water for all my boas and pythons until I had a lot of my boas die from kidney failure. Now I only use filtered bottled water for all my boas and pythons. The one’s that died from kidney failure did have a green tint to there white poop. There could be something else going on with your boa so have a reptile vet check them out.

      Take care


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        Re: Poop color

        I use city water, but the guy I got her from could have had well water I don't know. I'll just have to see what her next poo looks like. I think one other had a small green tint but can't remember who or when.