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  • [Skin] Unsure

    My boa has developed these little dark things that look like dirt clumped in the crevices of her scales. There are dozens of spots that have began to show over the last two weeks after in introduced moss to get the humidity up. She just shed and I was expecting those spots to shed.. But they didn't and it wasn't an easy shed for her. I had to soak her in warm water for the better part of 2 days and she still has a bunch of either lose or dry scales. The humidity ranges from 45-55% and her temps are good. The container I soaked her in for shedding had no mites or little bugs. Today I will be starting mite treatment anyway because I don't know what else it could be. Also she isn't eating. She hasn't eaten since her eyes fogged over before her last shed which was 2 weeks ago. I've had a mouse for two weeks now and it just suddenly died today. Are crackers and water bad for the mouse?

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    Re: Unsure

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ID:	924123 here's a pic I'm going through her stuff cleaning it. Getting an old fish tank ready and going to thoroughly clean this tank for mites. But I don't think it's mites because those spots won't wash off or rub off. I tried with a cue tip and soap before and after her shed. They were not there two weeks ago. Any advice would be helpful


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      Re: Unsure

      Get that snake to a reptile vet! You are correct...mites are removable, and since you cannot remove these spots, PLEASE do not further compromise (RISK!) her health by subjecting her to mite treatment when you know she
      needs something else. Off the top of my head, I'd guess it's a skin fungus...but to treat it must be identified. Get her to the vet asap.

      Mouse: do NOT feed crackers! High salt would have been passed on to your snake too, if eventually consumed. Remember that what you put into the rodents, you also put into your snakes, which is why I've ALWAYS
      bred my own rats, mice, hamsters & even a few gerbils. Even "professional" sources of rodents of rodents may take the cheap way out when feeding the rodents they sell to you...ASK! Neither is dogfood
      contains red dyes (etc) that are harmful & which are not excreteable by rodents or snakes, plus it's not a balanced diet FOR rodents. Buy quality food ("lab pellets" or at the very least, the rodent mix from a petstore).