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Bad shed/eyecaps

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  • [Skin] Bad shed/eyecaps

    Hello folks,

    My youngest daughter bought herself a very sweet adult 6 foot female Columbian Boa. They told us it had shed, but if she has, then she apparently had a bad shed. There is remnant skin on her neck and head and her eyes seem hazy in appearance and looks like she didn't properly shed the eyecaps. Any good suggestions on the best way to remove the remnant eyecaps is? Or if I should wait till she sheds again?


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    Re: Bad shed/eyecaps

    I would keep her humidity around 60-70% and let her deal with the stuck shed herself.


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      Re: Bad shed/eyecaps

      Go get yourself a spray bottle. Fill it with HOT water. Mist the snake two times a day. Why hot water? Because when it comes out and hots the snake. (unless you hold the bottle way too close) the water will be warm like a tropical rain.

      You can also use hot water to wet a towel and let it cool to warm. Then let the snake crawl through your hands while holding the towel to help gently remove the stuck shed.

      If you keep the basic humidity around 50-60% the shed will resolve itself on the next shed cycle, which may be already happening if she's opaque.

      Keep us posted!

      -Sean in NoCal
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