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Treatment for a mouse bite [HELP]

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  • [Skin] Treatment for a mouse bite [HELP]

    So as the title says, my baby boa was bitten by a mouse today while feeding, she's been going off feed recently so I've had this mouse for about two days now and in hindsight I realize I shouldn't have left her alone with a hungry mouse, but that'll be the last time she sees a live mouse again. The matter at hand though is the wound, the dimensions of the wound are roughly 3/16-1/4 of an inch long and about 1/8 inch wide. The bite is also just deep enough to get through the skin to the muscle but did not penetrate the muscle. It had no visible bleeding or anything but I am still freaking out. I've already washed it with antibacterial soap mixed with water, soaked her to get anything else that might've gotten into it out and she's not acting much differently now than before. I feel that my actions are decent for first aid but what is the next step? Expedient help is much appreciated!