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  • [Eyes/Mouth] Swollen Mouth

    Hi all. I pulled Nagini out tonight and noticed her mouth looked swollen, almost like when her jaw is unhinged after feeding but it's towards the front portion of her mouth rather than back near where her jaws join. Other than that she's acting normal, tongue is flicking and the inside of her mouth looks fine.
    She ate last Sunday and shed Monday morning. I had her out last night (Tuesday) and I didn't notice any swelling then.
    The swelling itself is soft, smooshes inward when I touch it, and she doesn't react when I touch it either. It doesn't really feel like anything is there, but it's definitely visibly noticeable. Her left side looks larger than the right, but both look swollen. I haven't seen her fall or strike anything in her enclosure, and she didn't fall or hit her head anytime while I was handling her last night as well.
    I figure waiting a few days to see if it'll go away on it's own, then seeing about a vet appointment after the holiday. I'd appreciate any input from here though.

    She has Eco Earth and coco husk mix as substrate. She's fed F/T, and there doesn't appear to be any injury on the swollen site.
    Ambient temps - 84F
    Hot spot - 90F (She has a tendency to stay in an area just before the hot spot that hits 87F)
    Cool spot- 80F
    Humidity - 55%
    Radiant heat panels on thermostats for heat

    First picture is of her normally, from a few weeks ago.

    The rest are of the swelling tonight

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    Re: Swollen Mouth

    There is definitely swelling there and it could be any number of things. If you have looked in her mouth and don't see anything strange like substrate stuck in her teeth, I would make a vet visit. It could be anything from a broken tooth to an infection. Better safe than sorry. Keep us posted and good luck.

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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      Re: Swollen Mouth

      I second what zamora posted.