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Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

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  • [Medication] Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

    Last year a vet that supposedly knew how to treat reptiles told me I had to tube feed Silk because she wasn't eating. But I was the one that had to find something to tube-feed Silk. The only thing I could find was mainly meant for re-habbing cornsnakes. It used chicken baby food. Later, I found that there is Carnivore Diet, meant for tube-feeding reptiles and that the vet had absolutely no clue about snakes. But, since that time, Silk's stools (before she stopped eating in October) were kind of loose. I was wondering if Bene-bac, similar to Nutri-bac, would help in this situation or if it would make things worse? If I was to give Bene-bac in gel form to Silk, how much? The 4 gram tube or the 15 gram tube? How many times-once or more? Weekly? For how long? When would I give it to her? Now? or wait until April or May when she may be more likely to eat? Silk is 8 years old and weighs 18 pounds. She had little if any appetite last year and was eating only medium rats if at all. In total, she ate only 4 medium rats and a XXX-large rat I snuck in on her one time. She probably won't eat until April or May as is usual for her. I since found a good vet for her and that vet pronounced her healthy. Several people have told me she is in a breeding frame of mind since she is both not interested in eating and very cranky (why it took eight years for her to decide she feels like this, I don't know). Everything is okay temp-wise in her enclosure. Her humidity is a bit low at 52 percent.

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    Re: Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

    I've used Nutribac a few times,for a couple of different reasons.....

    - When a Boa has regurged. I'll wait a few weeks before the next feeding , then I'll offer a small meal, and inject Nutribac (mixed with water) , into the f/t meal.

    - Also, I'll occasionally use it just as s supplement. Again by injecting it into a f/t meal.

    If your Boa won't eat ,and tube feeding is going to be tried - I suggest buying an animal cathater from the vet to use - because they are easy to slide down the throat with lubrication. I know that people will use live cultured yogurts for tube feeding. Or pedialite with acidophilous ... Nutribac can be added to any of this.


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      Re: Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

      I have used NutriBAC in both boas and ball pythons either after a regurgitation like in the above post, and also in a critter that is recovering from a respiratory infection as antibiotics can kill off good gut flora. The instructions state to mix it with the reptile's water but I don't know how much or how often my snakes tend to drink. To ensure that it gets ingested, I dust a pinch of it onto a damp f/t feeder and it goes right down the hatch.


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        Re: Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

        When the GOOD vet pronounced her healthy, he said she doesn't need any more tube-feeding, that tube feeding is not used in her situation unless she was losing an astronomical amount of weight and looked like she had lost that weight with her backbone showing and everything. She's only lost about five pounds (I'd kept her a little overweight at 23 pounds because she fasted every year-sorry!) and currently weighs 18 pounds and is a seven foot snake. She looks healthy and IS healthy. She's just maturing, apparently. And possibly ready to breed (which I don't think is going to happen). So, happily for the both of us, tube-feeding is out. But she's not eating very much if at all and then only mediums. So I was going to use the gel to actually make sure it got into her because I couldn't be sure she'd eat a rat with or without Bene-bac. Force feeding the cranky scales a rat of any size is out. I also don't know how to get needles and syringes to inject it into a rat. From what you guys are saying, I could do it now because it might stimulate her appetite. I found out the dosage for her would be two grams of gel. But what I'm really wondering is if the stuff really works? There's plenty of people saying the stuff is a crock because it may not have the right stuff let alone any stuff that would be beneficial? Does it really increase the appetite? Make the snake better?


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          Re: Anybody have experience with Nutri-bac or Bene-Bac?

          I'm so glad she's now been seen by a "good" vet who pronounced her healthy. To be fair, when I gave you information about tube-feeding her, it was only in response to what you were telling us here...not actually

          SEEING her. From the photo I saw (later!), she did indeed look overweight to me, but photos can be deceiving...and no one (myself included) wanted to argue or insult your opinion that she was starving. Dosing a

          snake with Bene-Bac is only useful for certain things: to replenish the beneficial gut bacteria in a snake that has had antibiotics or has fasted a very long time, & as the vet said, shows signs of wasting. When I kept

          a BCI, she was healthy at 12-13 lbs and 7.5', but you insisted she was skinny. "23 lbs" is quite a bit overweight, in my least she is heading the right direction now. If your snake is eating, as you say she

          is, she does NOT need Bene-Bac. It won't hurt her, but it's not needed. You don't have to inject it into a prey animal either, you can just fill the rodent's oral cavity & close the mouth before feeding it. It's not as if

          the dosage is a critical factor...if you cannot get "2 grams" into the rat don't worry...and as I said before, your snake does NOT need this anyway. She sounds like a normal snake to me, one that has refused food

          because she felt stuffed, and is thinking about "other things". Remember that products like Bene-Bac (ie. "beneficial bacteria") are the same for animals as the "pro-biotics" that people take; they do the same thing.

          As humans, some foods are also helpful, fermented foods such as sauerkraut & some yogurts with live cultures, but trust me, your snake doesn't want those, LOL! I doubt very much if Bene-Bac will increase her

          appetite, and she certainly doesn't need that from what you've said about her weight. Many snakes will overeat, especially in captivity where they aren't anywhere near as active as they'd be in the wild, or breed-

          ing. Too bad yours didn't refuse food even earlier, as weight loss is difficult (whether human or serpent). Please listen to your vet and stop obsessing about her eating all the time: she's a snake & 'designed' to fast.