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  • ban boas!

    It's true! That's what they want!

    Don't let them! Do your part...

    (I'd encourage you to put a personal spin on the script so it doesn't sound like, well, a script!)

    *ALERT: Congressional Call In- Stop HR2811 Python Ban!
    Please join the Reptile Nation in a Congressional Call In Opposing HR2811 aka The Python Ban November 2, 3 & 4. If you value your Boas & Pythons you will participate and encourage your entire sphere of influence to do the same. There is a Hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism & Homeland Security scheduled for November 5th. Please call in and OPPOSE HR2811.

    As originally written HR2811 would add the entire genus python to the Injurious Wildlife List of the Lacey Act. This would effectively end the Import, Export and Interstate Transport of any animals listed. In July USARK was successful in narrowing the scope of the bill by removing most pythons with an amendment offered by Congressman Tom Rooney. The amendment would limit the bill to the Burmese Python and the African Python. In addition committee staff agreed in principle to further amend the bill to allow the captive bred trade in these two snakes to continue. To date this promise has not been kept and the HR2811 has not been amended to allow for captive bred trade.

    Meanwhile the USGS Risk Assessment of 9 Large Constricting Snakes has been released. The Humane Society of the United States is lobbying hard to have HR2811 amended to include the entire genus python, as well as the four species of anaconda, and Boa Constrictor referred to in the USGS report. Do not assume that HSUS will not be successful in getting HR2811 amended to reflect these changes. Only USARK and the Reptile Nation stand between HSUS and the destruction of our community.

    Our science experts have done a cursory analysis of the USGS report and characterize it as “…loose with numerous mistakes and inaccuracies. It is an oversimplification of a very complicated topic.” The bottom line is it is not the solid piece of science HSUS wanted to use as a tool to break the back of our community. However that has not stopped them from mischaracterizing it as just that.

    What can I do?

    ***November 2,3 & 4 Call In and Fax the Subcommittee and voice your opposition to HR2811. Be polite & professional!

    My name is____. I oppose HR2811. It is overly simplistic and politically driven. It is poorly thought out and sacrifices good science for political expediency. The negative economic impact for my family and business would be significant. Please oppose HR2811. Thank you for your consideration.

    Call List:

    Congressman Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Sponsor
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-4506; fax 202-226-0777
    Miami: phone 305-690-5905; fax 305-690-5951


    Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-1313; fax 202-225-8398
    Ft. Lauderdale: phone 954-733-2800

    Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3801; fax 202-225-0351
    Atlanta: phone 404-659-0116

    Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3001; fax 202-225-5974
    Boca Raton: phone 561-988-6302; fax 561-988-6423

    Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (HI-2)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-4906; fax 202-225-4987
    Honolulu: phone 808-541-1986

    Congressman Tom Rooney (R-FL)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-5792; fax 202-225-3132
    Punta Gorda: phone 941-575-9101; fax 941-575-9103

    Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism & Homeland Security:

    Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-8351; fax 202-225-8354
    Richmond: phone 804-644-4845

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3072; fax 202-225-3336
    San Jose: phone 408-271-8700

    Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3816; fax 202-225-3317
    Houston: phone 713-691-4882

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-2201; fax 202-225-7854
    Los Angeles: phone 323-757-8900

    Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3265; fax 202-225-5663
    Memphis: phone 901-544-4131

    Congressman Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-2615; fax 202-225-2154
    San Juan: phone 787-723-6333

    Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-5431; fax 202-225-9681
    Roanoke: phone 540-857-2672

    Congressman Dan Lungren (R-CA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-5716; fax 202-226-1298
    Gold River: phone 916-859-9906

    Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-3035; fax 202-226-1230
    Tyler: phone 903-561-6349

    Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-6565; fax 202-225-5547
    Beaumont: phone 409-212-1997

    Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-6365; fax 202-226-1170
    Chesapeake: 757-382-0080; fax 757-382-0780

    Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-5635
    New York: phone 212-367-7350

    Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-7931; fax 202-226-2052
    Pembroke Pines: phone 954-437-3936; fax 954-437-4776

    Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-6616
    Brooklyn: phone 718-743-0441

    Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL)
    Washington DC: phone 202-225-4061; fax 202-225-5603
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    Re: ban boas!

    Unbelievable. I'm on it.


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      Re: ban boas!

      I just got done calling everyone on the call list, and will be sending out faxes tomorrow.

      If you haven't already started calling do it now - don't wait. This is a critical matter. Let your voice be heard our we could all be facing the loss of our animals, hobby, and businesses to prejudice and paranoia.

      And let's get those fax machines humming!


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        Re: ban boas!

        Here is what we are now up against from Defenders Of Wildlife

        Here is the crap " D O W " is spouting

        YouTube - Invasion of the Exotic Wildlife!

        It may not offer the Cineplex scares of Dracula, Frankenstein or Michael Myers, but our new video is pretty scary.

        Each year, pythons and hundreds of millions of other non-native wild animals are imported into the U.S. with no good way of screening out species that can harm native ecosystems or threaten human health.

        To draw attention to this frightening situation and build support for congressional action to stop the exotic wildlife invasion, we’ve produced a brand-new internet video… just in time for Halloween!

        Please watch our terrifying new video about the exotic wildlife invasion and urge Congress to take action to protect our native wildlife and public health.

        Each year, millions of live wild animals enter our country legally. Eventually some escape or are released into the wild and harm native wildlife and wild places -- including many endangered species.

        Taking into account control and monitoring programs and damage to our ecosystems, economies and public health, these invaders can cost America tens of billions of dollars a year.

        But this exotic wildlife invasion isn’t just costly -- it’s also dangerous to native wildlife and can be deadly to people.
        • In Florida, former pet pythons have been clashing with alligators in a battle for the top of the food chain -- and these non-native reptiles could someday slither their way as far north as Washington, DC;
        • In the central U.S., Asian carps are decimating the natural ecosystems of our rivers and lakes;
        • Across the country, European starlings have driven native birds out of their nesting sites; and
        • Giant Gambian rats, imported as pets, have spread the highly contagious monkeypox virus.

        Learn more about the exotic wildlife invasion and what you can do to help. Check out our new video and then take action.

        To stem the exotic wildlife invasion, Defenders of Wildlife is calling on Congress to enact legislation that would provide for crucial screening of wildlife imports to reduce the risk of harm to our native wildlife, wild places and human health. We’re also urging decisive action on H.R. 2811 and S. 373, two bills to regulate the importation and interstate transportation of some of the deadliest pythons and other large constrictor snake species.

        Lar M
        Boas By Klevitz



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          Re: ban boas!

          C'mon folks we need to let the subcomittee know that HR2811 is a load of bull and has little to do with fact and more with fiction. If you haven't called start doing it today.

          Please post here if you've made the calls, are making them, or have sent in faxes. Show your support for USARK and to this community as a whole.

          I called the entire list last night and I'm in the process of sending out faxes.


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            Re: ban boas!

            I'm not a big fan of the HSUS to begin with. They are like PETA, and would have all pet ownership in the US outlawed if they could. They start with things like banning snakes, but where does it end? This is a serious encroachment on the bill of rights, and we all need to take every step necessary to ensure it doesn't happen.



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              Re: ban boas!

              I hate this crap!!

              Looks like it's time to get busy again.


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                Re: ban boas!

                Bump this up lets get to work

                Listening to: Adam Lambert - Mad World
                via Last FM

                Lar M
                Boas By Klevitz



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                  Re: ban boas!

                  Its definately time to get to work people.


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                    Re: ban boas!

                    We are at it again! Time to fight EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE that is apart of this forum NEEDS to participate in this!!!!!

                    Last time when it was pythons on the "chopping block" your actions were more than pathetic!!! You sat and did nothing!!

                    For all that did participate I thank you and I know you will help with this.


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                      Re: ban boas!

                      just so everyone knows, this one likely has a MUCH better chance of getting sent to the floor and passed than HR669.

                      so whatever you did for that one needs to be MULTIPLIED.

                      if you didn't do anything for that one, DO SOMETHING NOW.

                      if you don't plan on doing anything but are still voting in the free boa contest, STOP. you don't deserve it.

                      *edit* there are 14 dems and 6 republicans on the subcommittee. in past proposals, the dems have been overwhelmingly in favor of bans


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                        Re: ban boas!


                        This thread isn't even in the top 25. I know we all have other topics to discuss, but I think we can all agree that this is pretty ****ed important.

                        Let's get to work. Call the list. Fax this list. ...And call again.

                        If you choose to do nothing and loose the right to own your prize boas then you have no one to blame except yourself.

                        Let's get moving people!


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                          Re: ban boas!


                          I think this is a fairly appropriate image...

                          now we just need E to switch the rattler out for a boa...


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                            Re: ban boas!


                            No reason why this should be slipping out of the top 25 posts.

                            Do you really want the HSUS telling you what animals you can keep? What animals you can sell? What animals you can buy? Do you want to loose your freedom? Because that's exactly what's at stake here.

                            This goes before the subcommittee tomorrow! Act now!


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                              Re: ban boas!

                              Actually, the hearing isn't until Thursday the 5th. The call-in starts tomorrow, though!