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letters to your congressmen in preparation

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  • letters to your congressmen in preparation

    i just put together a letter to my local congressman. he is a republican and not on the committee that will be discussing the python ban, but if it comes to a vote in the full house, i wanted him to be aware of what this bill is all about.

    i would urge EVERYONE to write and call your local congressman/woman - ESPECIALLY those who are represented by a democrat - to do the same.

    if this makes it out of this committee to the floor for a full vote, it is likely to be voted down party lines, with democrats supporting it, and republicans opposing it. if that holds true, pythons WILL be banned.

    here is a copy of the letter i wrote. feel free to use it or modify it to make it more appropriate for your particular representative.

    Congressman Austria,

    I'm writing in regards to HR2811, also known as 'The Python Ban.' This legislation would add all snakes from the genus 'python' to the Lacey Act, which would, in effect, ban all importation, interstate transport, sale or trade of these snakes.

    This bill is backed by the Humane Society of the United States, as well as the Defenders of Wildlife and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    Their reasoning for such legislation is based on a USGS study that claims the Burmese python in particular could spread to inhabit places as far north as Washington DC. This claim is false. Anyone who keeps such pythons could tell you that they require VERY specific temperature and humidity levels to thrive, as well as many additional factors in the wild.

    A recent study done by researchers at the City University of New York used 19 different variables (compared to the 2 the USGS study used) that would contribute to the long term survival of Burmese pythons. It was determined that, in all likelihood, the Burmese python could not survive long-term much farther north than southern Florida.

    That makes this a problem for Florida to deal with. The US House of Representatives is not the place to settle this, the Florida House of Representatives is where to handle it. The only effect this legislation would have for the other 49 states is to put hard-working Americans out of work, and decimate a now-thriving hobby.

    For these reasons, I would appreciate a 'no' vote if HR2811 comes to the floor for a full vote.

    Thank you for your time and service.

    Chris DeLange

    if you're not sure how to find who represents you, follow this link.

    folks, even though we won't know if this will be passed on to the full house for a vote yet, we need to start preparing for it NOW, so please don't blow this off like it's not important. our hobby, and many of our jobs, depend on it.

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    Re: letters to your congressmen in preparation

    I'll be preparing one myself.


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      Re: letters to your congressmen in preparation

      I called my local congressman already, and I will be writing a letter as well. Thanks for all your hard work in this issue, hopefully we'll have some good news to discuss at the show in a couple weeks.


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        Re: letters to your congressmen in preparation




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          Re: letters to your congressmen in preparation

          Great letter Chris I like it , I like it alot very eloquent.

          Lar M
          Boas By Klevitz



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            Re: letters to your congressmen in preparation

            Now that it looks like the bill is not only moving to the floor for a full vote, but also being ammended to include the boa (among others), this is more important than ever, people...

            Get on it!

            It's more true now than ever before that our hobby (as well as our livelihood for some) WILL be lost if we don't ALL take action.

            (tomorrow I'll revise the letter I included below so it's more up-to-date and useable for everyone. I'll probably start a new thread with it.)