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Lots of busy signals and tied-up faxes in DC

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  • Lots of busy signals and tied-up faxes in DC

    I hope that the fact that I was greeted by quite a few busy signals when calling congressmen and women today is a good sign. So far this is the first day I've had to try calling back various members of the call list due to their lines being engaged. And several offices were still busy after third and fourth tries.

    I also had to re-send 6 faxes this morning due to fax machines being too busy for the fax's 3-try redial.

    Here's hoping that this is all good news.

    I'm also making a nuisance of myself at some of the offices : a handful of the offices recognized me from my faxes and previous calls. The woman who answered at Randy Forbes' office was very good natured and greeted me, wished me good morning, told me it was good to hear from me again, asked if I would like her pass a message on to the congressman that I was opposed to HR2811... all before I got into my pitch (which I change each day). Once we went through all of that she told me (with a smile) that I could then go a head and make my statement.

    I hope everyone, and I do mean everyone, is making their calls, sending their faxes, and sending their emails. This extra day is a gift - and a huge opportunity. Don't waste it. Use it.

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    Re: Lots of busy signals and tied-up faxes in DC

    Well, the Senate voted Tuesday to extend the New Home Buyer Tax Credit, and the House's vote is scheduled for today, do they may be getting a lot of traffic on that.

    Hopefully they'll pass it! It'll continue the $8000 tax credit to April, and make home owners who've been in their current homes for 5 years eligible for a $6500 tax credit if they purchase a new home.
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