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  • Free PIJAC T-shirt

    I noticed on Facebook today that PIJAC has a new video and they are offering a free T-shirt (really kool lookin I think) if you register for membership. Not sure how much it costs but heres the link... Don't Mess With My Pet

    I'm not sure if the video is on that site but it is on the Prehistoric Pets page on Facebook if you want to see it. It focuses on dogs and cat's mostly, to ensure people get the message I suppose but they do mention exotics I believe. It kinda made me feel like I was watching a commercial before Sesame Street came back on and I've never seen a black and tan 'Staffordshire Terrier" but otherwise a good video and hopefully it gets some more attention on the problem.

    [Edit]: It's a $25 donation that they are asking for.
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