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Is our Voice Heard???????

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  • Is our Voice Heard???????

    I have been following these new bills and it seems as many letters, faxes, calls we do we never get the floor even to discuss our case. I know the calls I make give me the feeling that the message doesn't even get forwarded. I sure most of the faxes and letters just get filed in the corner trash. Do we have anyone that shows in person? I heard Tom Crutchfield yesterday on playboy channel promoting his Article in the December issue, he was on for more than 10 minutes and no mention of these bills at all. . I know its not your largest audience but every opportunity helps. I have talked with veterinarians, pet store owners, small breeders that have no idea what is going on. I do what I can, I am in not in a financial situation where i can help finacially or can attend hearings but we must always be alert with who we talk to and if we get a chance in the media we must make people aware.............sorry just venting.......

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    Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

    Yeah I hear you. The response that I got made it seem like my opinions were not even read. The government is not for the people anymore. I think the only way to make a big impact is if you have A LOT of money and can get yourself on the media and buy rights to your opinion. Which us average people cannot do. That's odd that a lot of people don't know what's going on. Maybe we need to put up posters and hand out fliers or something in pet stores. Petco has a little bulletin board with adoptable animals on it in the entrance which I always look at on my way in or out. I could put something on there!


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      Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

      I was wondering about some statements on craigslist, and on facebook. just think how many people we could reach on fb with everybodys friends and all. I am just not informend enough to sent people to a site or a way to educate them within a limited time frame. just think if you could capture everybody's friends interest in 5 min or less, you never know what could happen. Maybe someone who is well versed could write a statement and a link and we could all copy and paste.......


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        Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

        Maybe if we as a huge group did a mass contact the media campaign e-mail your own local newspaper about the destruction of a 3 billion dollar industry based on media hype. Maybe if we were able to get the message out to wall street after all there are a lot of small public companies ( stock market ) with market capital of less than 100 million dollars . We are a reptile nation with sales of 3 billion dollars that needs to get noticed . Just a thought to get the word out there you never know where you can find help.
        E-mail CNBC who knows might get a mention then who knows.


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          Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

          If you don't feel you calls are making a difference then write and fax. It's hard to ignore the tangible. I know my faxes were being noticed when we were faxing and calling about HR2811 just recently because my name was recognized when I called. I was even told, "Mr. Lynch. Yes, we've been receiving your faxes."

          But if you are going to write do it more than once. Send a letter and a fax out each day to the various reps. Drive the point home through volume. And send a different message each day - just don't send the same leer over and over. I plan on emailing, faxing and writing each day next week. plans for today were dashed to the rocks so the mail portion isn't going to happen. But I still plan on emailing and faxing.

          Your voice can make a difference - it just has to be loud enough to turn a head. And the only way to make it louder is by sending and contacting daily. After a while they wont be able to ignore you.

          Activism and protest are a lot like advertising: the greater the level of saturation is of a given message the more likely it is to stick and make an impression.
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            Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

            Your calls & faxes do get heard as many many calls & faxes come in they cannot ignore them,they tally them up

            Also That's why we have USARK a Bronze membership is only $40 while I know in tight times $30
            can be alot of money . Most people spend that amount each month on Beer , or
            coffee and cigarettes or just plain nothing.
            USARK is our voice and allows us to be heard. Andrew Wyatt and
            the Lobbyist hired by USARK have the ear of the Politicians but
            it all takes money , $40 here and $40 there adds up !

            Lar M
            Boas By Klevitz



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              Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

              yea, I know what you mean.....It's very disheartening,I've met a rptile keeper with over twenty in his collection and had no idea about usark, or the 669,2811,s373 it sucks....The word just inst spreading fast enough, and i fear it's just going to be too late before people get up, and help.


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                Re: Is our Voice Heard???????

                Originally posted by Boa Amarali View Post
                a Bronze membership is only $30
                it's actually 40 now, but there is a 'student membership' for 20 if you really can't forgo a few packs of cigs or a couple cases of beer for a week or two...

                it IS that important! -more, actually!