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  • Nat geo helping!!!

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    Re: Nat geo helping!!!

    i posted that there, too.

    i submitted that info to the editor of that blog...


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      Re: Nat geo helping!!!

      copy paste this and send to senators!

      In a time of growing unemployment and economic uncertainty look at what our government is spending their time and our taxpayer dollars on. There is a bill in the US Senate and a companion in the US House that together embody the worst in American politics. Senate Bill 373/ House Bill 2811 aka ‘The Python Ban’ are politically driven bills designed to use the sensation surrounding feral Burmese Pythons in the Everglades, parlay it into billions of dollars in Everglades restoration funds, and serve as election payback to extreme special interests groups invested in ending the lucrative trade in high quality captive bred reptiles worldwide. The Burmese Python has been the focus because of its ability to fire the imagination of the general public generating fear and misunderstanding. Quite simply, feral cats, feral hogs and water flow problems (real problems for the Everglades) don’t generate the interest that the sensational prospect of a giant snake in the Everglades does. See the article in the December issue of Playboy Magazine entitled ‘The Great South Florida Python Scare’ by Pat Jordan.

      If passed as written these bills will destroy thousands of jobs bankrupting scores of American families. These bills have been couched as stopping the import of pythons in order to address invasive species issues, but the bills propose a listing on the Lacey Act that carries much more far reaching implications. The listing would also stop the export and trade in high quality captive bred reptiles produced in the US for over 30 years. There are already over 4 million boas and pythons currently in captivity in the US representing a 3 billion dollar annual trade. Their value would be reduced to zero over night with the passage of S373. S373 offers no compensation for these animals and makes absolutely no provision for their disposition.

      The science has been “cherry picked” to support a predetermined end by using Burmese Pythons in the Everglades as a poster child for a movement to shut down the trade of Reptiles in the United States. A recent report from the USGS on large constricting snakes has been used as justification to stop the trade in 9 species of snakes. The report has been characterized by an independent panel of scientists from University of Florida, Texas A&M, Arizona State University and even the National Geographic Society as “unscientific” and “not a suitable basis for policy or regulation changes”; yet it has been characterized by the new Deputy Secretary of USFWS as justification for adding 40 species to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act, a designation formerly reserved for only the most dangerous of invasive species. The Reptile Industry is getting railroaded at taxpayer expense by ambitious politicians, poor science and powerful special interest groups. The proposed bills will do little to address actual problems and will wreck a vital part of the economy.

      S373 goes to mark up in the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee on Thursday December 10, 2009.

      If you have questions contact:
      Andrew Wyatt
      United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK)
      [email protected]


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        Re: Nat geo helping!!!

        Originally posted by dangles View Post

        i posted that there, too.

        i submitted that info to the editor of that blog... bad?