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  • Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

    So this is a bit late in the fight, and I thought long and hard about whether to post this or not, but I think this could be useful.

    So take this post for what it's worth. I am in no way discrediting anyone's arguing skills, and I think we have been doing a great job as it is but i figure this post can't hurt. So i have compiled a short little blurb on some basic arguing points mainly things i picked up in philosophy class, debate club,and from writing a few letters to the editor.

    #1) Know your side of the argument. At RTB we have this nailed. It's inspiring to see everybody sharing so much information, and personally I've learned soooo much just from reading some anti-HR661/ anti-S373 posts.

    The basis of any great argument is truly knowing your side. This prepares you for anything and everything. The other side is operating on mis-information, so if we have solid information with good sources then it becomes a lot easier to refute their side.

    #2) Know the other side of the argument. The opposite of a good argument is another good argument. When you develop a letter to politicians, or even if your just trying to get your point across on a different forum/in a conversation with someone, one of the best things you can do is think of their best arguments.

    This way you can find out what they are going to use against you, and prepare an argument for it.

    #3) Use solid logic. This is one really great thing we have going for us. On the other side they are not being logical, they are basically hating snakes for being snakes (and because they make a good poster boy).

    On our side we have some good logic, and solid facts. The best thing you can do to avoid using bad logic is to brush up on the logical fallacies.

    List of fallacies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    That is a good list to brush up on. If you understand those and don't use them, then it is impossible for them to refute your logic. It is also good to expose their illogic (something that really needs to be done).

    Look into these ones particularly: Appeal to probability, Argument from Fallacy, Bare assertion fallacy, Naturalistic Fallacy.

    #4) Be calm. The minute you get heated in a debate or personally attack the other side is the second you lose the debate. It is much easier to argue with someone who doesn't have negative connotations towards you than with someone who does. Think about it, if someone calls you a name or makes fun of you, your just going to become more opposed to their side.

    We want to show them that our side is irrefutably right. We don't want anyone to feel bad. Flaming an individual or group only makes you look ignorant and sets them against you.

    #5) Be respectful. Just because your arguing against someone doesn't mean manners go out the door. Say please, thanks, and generally be polite. This makes us look professional and confident. Society has a preconception about snake owners. We are heavily tattooed, lots of piercings, and were rebellious. We want to break out of that, show them we are good people.

    Anyways, thats it for now unless i think of anything else important.

    Hopefully this is helpful, I still have mixed feelings over this post. Mods - if this doesn't belong please remove it.

    Lets win this!!


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    Re: Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

    Don't see any reason why it would be inappropriate.

    Great info, actually. It's important stuff to remember.



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      Re: Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

      Why would this be inappropriate? These are solid recommendations.
      Besides, we won't win many US Senators over with an argument that involes the phrase "Because this bill sucks, Mr. Poopypants!"

      -Sean in NoCal
      “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”
      -Teddy Roosevelt.


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        Re: Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

        Originally posted by Pandorasdad View Post
        Besides, we won't win many US Senators over with an argument that involes the phrase "Because this bill sucks, Mr. Poopypants!"
        on to 'plan b'


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          Re: Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

          Good post! These are things people should consider before writing letters to congressmen. It won't help our argument if we act like children getting our toys taken away.


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            Re: Fruit_Loop's guide to debating

            haha, i frequent a number of different forums, most are hostile, the photography ones are especially bad for flaming, so i always tend to be cautious when positing something.

            RTB is good though, everyone here is nice.