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  • Boa Amarali
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  • Boa Amarali
    started a topic Reptile Radio -Andrew wyatt USark Pres

    Reptile Radio -Andrew wyatt USark Pres

    Little after midnight CST Wed 10th -early Thursday the 11th
    I just finished listening to Reptile Blog radio with Andrew Wyatt President of U.S.ark as the guest. Speaking about S 373 and the companion bill H.R.2811,also touched H.R. 669 which is expected to come back in different form in the near future..
    Here is what Andrew's main message was from my point of view.

    We all need to cultivate a relationship with our Senators. Drop into their offices and make our thoughts and concerns about this S 373 and companion Bill H.R.2811 clear to our Senators and their staff. Let them know that this is going to hurt us and we don't like it.
    This Bill is low profile its not even a blip on the radar of most all Senators of the United Sates. They haven't heard about it and don't care about it. Andrew said what Senators know about this Bill on a scale from 1-10 is "0". That means we all have to make our voices heard by going to the Sen offices and let them know we don't like this Bill S 373 or the House version H.R. 2811. When enough constituents come into the offices talking about this bad legislation how it will destroy jobs etc... At that point it will start to become a concern to the Sen and start to become small blip on the Radar.

    So lets get to work everybody arrange to go into your Senators office and speak to the aides or Senators themselves. If you have a few people close by go as a group. I believe everyone should also take one of the many letters opposing this bill with to give to them as well.

    This is the biggest way we will be heard.

    Lets get hopp'in