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  • A little Idea

    I kinda thought about this idea a while ago. In regards to this thread

    "***Please READ!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!**" I thought I would share a

    simple idea that can go a long way. This thread was what gave me the idea

    to share my idea(dont know why I did not think about it before....

    I have created some flyers to hang up on the "classifieds" board at my

    local pet shop. Every time I go in to pick up my hoppers.... I hang up a

    flyer. The flyers have the RTB web page on them as well as USARK.

    Not only have I hung them up on the "classifieds" board... But they were

    nice enough to also let me continue to hang my flyers up on the door

    entering the reptile room. I have only had a chance to do this once

    (yesterday afternoon), But This is just ONE of my small steps to help

    recruit more people. . . I know there are a lot of people out there that

    have reptiles that just do not know what politics are trying to do with our

    pets... and this is my way of hopfully opening a few eyes. I did not go

    into great detail on my flyers, Just a sort of "fight back" explanation

    and small talk. Just short, sweet, and simple to get them interested.

    Try it out at you're local pet shops, Our beloved snakes depend on it.

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    Re: A little Idea

    Great idea every bit helps !!

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz



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      Re: A little Idea

      Please take these measures!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all that are doing something!


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        Re: A little Idea

        Here is a flier link I posted earlier.
        It doesn't have the RTB or USARK info, the nosnakeban site is to up monday, Adam Wysocki posted this on
        Printing out letters that can just be sign and then mailed or faxed would be great to.


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          Re: A little Idea

          This is a great idea. I'll do this at my local pet stores this week.