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    Other things to consider is other types of business that deal in reptile products Snakeskin, Herbal remedies . Now if we could get the leather industry behind us with their connections as the leather and skin trade is far far greater in size than anything we do maybe as much as 100 times our combined size . We definitely need to tell them that their livelyhood is in big trouble as well . Look at how many snakeskin wallets , purses, jackets, boots are sold.
    Also think about the chinese herbal medicine market how many herbal medicines have on the label python . That would be illegal to import as well under the lacey act . This is not in any way about just pets.
    Although I do not like the idea of snakeskin at all however the snakeskin and fashion industry that uses snakeskin is 100 times larger than all us breeders combined. I am just saying that inform them then let them worry about how they choose to fight the ban. the more people fighting the ban and talking with the senators the better. If we get enough other business going after the senators where they need 10 bottles of aspirin for their headaches i would say perfect. The senators run on $$$$$$$$$$ so if enough business complains to them they will begin to listen.
    Just some other things to consider to get as many people fighting this with us.
    If you type snakeskin products into google look at the number of hits wow.
    Inform those people of this i have started to and i am in Canada this affects us up here too as we can no longer import more from the USA breeders.

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    Re: Recruit other business

    Bump, this is a great point!