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wanna meet with your senator?

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  • wanna meet with your senator?

    faxing a request is the way to do it. the odds of getting a reply through email are slim to none.

    phone calls will also work, but they prefer faxes (or snail mail) to set meetings up.

    here's an example of the letters i'm faxing to both my senators to request meetings...

    you're welcome to hijack it, just make sure you edit it so it's appropriate for your own state and senator. also, it's formatted as a 'block' style business letter.


    Chris DeLange
    (Phone Number)
    Re: Meeting with Senator

    Sen. S. Brown
    200 N. High St.
    Room 614
    Columbus, OH 43215

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to arrange a meeting with the Senator to discuss S373, also known as “The Snake Ban.”

    In short, this bill would prohibit the import, export and interstate transport of 9 species, and several subspecies, of large constricting snakes. Sen. Bill Nelson (D) of Florida introduced S373 with the stated goal of stemming the spread of the Burmese python – as well as large snakes – throughout Florida and the southern 1/3 of the US. As support, S373 uses two US Geological Survey reports that have been widely criticized by well-known, independent biologists and herpetologists who have gone on record as saying the reports are “not suitable as the basis for legislative or regulatory policies.”

    With so many other important issues currently being discussed in Congress, many Senators do not know about S373 (and even fewer truly understand its implications). Please understand that the results of S373’s success will be disastrous to our already fragile economy. Tens of thousands of small businesses, not only in Ohio, but also around the nation, rely on the right to sell these beautiful animals across state lines, and would be forced into bankruptcy if this bill were to pass.

    There are more issues I would like to discuss (as well as more evidence I would like to present) regarding S373, but I do not wish to relay these on paper. I would like the opportunity to discuss this matter further with the Senator. The dates I am available are January 12th, 15th, and 21st. I am available at any time during those days for a meeting. If the Senator is not available, I would like the opportunity to meet with a policy advisor.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Chris DeLange

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    Re: wanna meet with your senator?

    That is really good Chris! Thanks for posting this.


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      Re: wanna meet with your senator?

      This has been my plan to do all along.

      I'm exhausting other possibilities first

      This will be the only way I'm sure that my Senators will

      1)Actually possibly Read my letter

      2) Consider a personal face to face appt with me

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: wanna meet with your senator?

        I'll be borrowing this and faxing it in tomorrow. My request to meet with my senator was via email.

        Thanks for the heads-up, Chris! And thanks for the letter!


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          Re: wanna meet with your senator?

          Even though we are extremely passionate about our pets namely the snakes that would be banned from interstate transport or import into the USA. When you actually get to meet with your senator it may be helpful to get a better response by starting out mentioning how the ban will affect the fashion industry first ( snakeskin trade ) then warm up to the pet angle . Just to possibly capture his attention as he might think how would the banning of harmless wallets, boots etc. into the USA do anything to stop the spread of burmese pythons in the everglades.
          Just a different angle to cause a senator to actually think.


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            Re: wanna meet with your senator?

            Great post Chris. Once again you are proving yourself as a relentless political soldier for the Reptile Nation! It's an honor to watch you work.

            You may have found your second calling in life my friend!


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              Re: wanna meet with your senator?

              bump it up!

              also check out This page is dedicated to making it easy for you to write your Senators in order to KILL-S373