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does anyone know When??

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  • does anyone know When??

    Does anyone know yet when or how long tell we will know when the bill will be going into the full house?

    Or is it TBA?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: does anyone know When??

    Could be today, could be 6 months from now. There is no way to tell.

    If Bill Nelson has anything to say about it, it would have already been passed. He tried to sneak it through and attach it to an appropriations bill right after it was amended. The USARK lobbyist caught wind of it and was able to stop it, which is a good thing, because the bill he tried to attach it to passed with ease.

    That's the kind of crap we're up against.

    And that's why USARK is CRITICAL. Please join and/or donate at!

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      Re: does anyone know When??

      Thank you chris!!

      im ganna have to look for that app.