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  • Neuter the HSUS

    Spay Neuter HSUS Campaign - HSUS tax fraud

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    Re: Neuter the HSUS

    LOL, good read, not bad idea either!


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      Re: Neuter the HSUS

      The IRS letters if you have not sent one out. This is Shorter version of the letter.
      Please contact everyone you know within any Animal Related Business. Farmers, Vets, people who wish to keep pets and eat meat, Friends, Family. The more letters sent to the IRS. The more of a chance we can stop this HSUS lobby machine.
      This will also send a message to all Animal Rights activist, and any other groups which dare to take away . American Constitutional rights, and freedoms.
      Ask your friends, Family, Customers, Associates. Collect names and addresses and send yourself. If you have too many just send by regular mail. Vow to spend 44 cents 100 times.

      This is the most important week in the History of the entire Animal related industry. We are millions. We need to let the Government know. We do not want the travesty of the HSUS and its kind. Using Subversion, Conspiracies, Lies and hate crimes. To destroy our American way of life. Let the laws of this great country start working for us .Instead of Against us.

      __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

      Please join us in one of the greatest national campaigns that have ever been launched against HSUS!!!!
      Mr. Frank Losey, renowned consultant, lobbyist and attorney in Washington D.C., has spearheaded a nationwide campaign to report the excessive lobbying activities of the Humane Society of the United States to the Internal Revenue Service. Disguising itself as a charitable organization, they are using excessive amounts of their donations for lobbying purposes, which is in direct violation of their tax exempt status.
      Mr. Losey requested that the first round of certified documents be sent to the IRS nearly two weeks ago, complete with evidence of the activities of the HSUS that he had provided. The second request specified massive numbers of letters, including the documents, to be sent from the Midwest, which has been a major target by the HSUS to eliminate dog breeders.
      Phase three of his strategic plan is asking for simple letters to go in to the IRS if you have not already sent yours. We need massive numbers of letters to go in NOW to continue our mission of exposing the HSUS and their excessive lobbying activities. Join us now as a huge ground swell rises throughout the country to take back our animals and our rights. We MUST stand together as ONE and WE ARE!!! Help us, help yourselves and help your family and friends by joining forces to complete our mission to Spay/Neuter HSUS!!!!

      Please follow the directions below. If you have not sent your letter, please copy this one and send immediately:

      Dear Tax Fraud Investigator,

      I am asking that you please investigate the Humane Society of the United States for excessive lobbying activities as a not-for-profit tax exempt charitable organization. Their tax identification number is EIN530225390.
      Thank you for looking into this important issue.
      Please keep my identity private.


      (Your signature)


      Please place in a separate envelope for each letter sent, and mail to:

      Internal Revenue Service
      Fresno, CA. 93888
      (No street address or box number is needed)

      Please send by CERTIFIED MAIL. You will get a receipt from the post office when you send by certified mail. Please make a copy of the certified mail receipt and e-mail, fax or mail to:

      Frank Losey
      2029 Tampa Blvd.
      Navarre, Florida 32566

      or fax to: 1 (479) -299 - 4417

      Mr. Losey MUST have copies of the certified receipt for Phase Four of his strategic plan.

      Thank you for your help in this critical matter. We know and understand that it is the holiday season for everyone, but this is urgent!

      Together, we will make a difference! This is snowballing into a huge success! Our goal is to have thousands of letters from throughout the country go to the IRS concerning HSUS and their activities. We want the IRS to be swamped with letters upon their return from the holidays. Be a part of our national movement of thousands of animal owners. Many organizations, clubs, agricultures interests, exhibitors, and countless animal enthusiasts are getting on board. Think of family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances that you have, and ask them to sign letters that you have written and copied, or write their own, and let's show HSUS who is REALLY in charge!!! Please mail each letter in a separate envelope as soon as possible, and send a copy of the certified mail receipt to Frank. As you gather for the holidays, ask family and friends to sign letters and get them mailed immediately!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's make 2010 OUR year!

      Thank you!

      MoFed and Frank Losey

      Latest information from Lobbyist Frank Losey: "The most important priority is for letters to be sent to the IRS Office in Fresno,CA (The two line address is the address - - no street address.)
      Ideally, the letters should be sent by Certified Mail, and a copy of the certified mail receipt should be sent to me by E-Mail or to 2029 Tampa Blvd, Navarre, FL 32566 or FAXED to 479-299-4417.
      Thank you for using


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        Re: Neuter the HSUS

        WOW what a great campaign, this is the time to rid ourselves of this vile organization

        Ha , Ha

        Merry Christmas

        Lar M
        Boas By Klevitz



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          Re: Neuter the HSUS

          Lets just hope this will work, and in a timely manner too!


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            Re: Neuter the HSUS

            More on this campaign in this informative document.


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              Re: Neuter the HSUS

              That's a huge great document. The HSUS doesn't want that out there

              Lar M
              Boas By Klevitz



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                Re: Neuter the HSUS

                Great write up, lets hope it works and soon!


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                  Re: Neuter the HSUS

                  thats what i needed to nread today thank god..