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    USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign
    S373 aka ‘The Python Ban’ has been amended to include the 9 great constrictors referenced in the recent report released by the US Geological Survey entitled Giant Constrictors: Biological and Management Profiles and an Establishment Risk Assessment for Nine Large Species of Pythons, Anacondas, and the Boa Constrictor. If passed as written S373 would add all 9 snakes to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act making it a felony to engage in the import, export and interstate transport of any of these animals.
    This possibility is unacceptable to USARK and the Reptile Nation. We are encouraging everyone with an interest in S373 to click on and participate in the USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign. There you will find step by step instructions, a sample letter, contact information and even an instructional video to help you write your US Senators an effective letter opposing S373. We have learned that written letters are one of the most effective ways to lobby Congress. Sending an email is NOT enough! Write your letters. Get your friends and family involved writing letters too.
    USARK spearheaded a similar letter writing campaign last spring. The Reptile Nation generated 50,000 letters opposing HR669. The bill was crushed. Time to do it again! Spread the web address all over the internet. Put it on your facebook page. Put it on your MySpace page. Twitter it. Post it on every forum or social networking site that you frequent. Email it to everyone you know! will take you straight to the resources you need to do your letters. We have made it as easy as it can possibly be, but it will require some effort. January 12th is our deadline. We don’t have much time. Do it today!
    If you are an Industry Leader You Must Make an APPOINTMENT to MEET With Your Senators!! If you care about your business you will do this!!!
    ***Please Click the USARK Donate Button at the top of this page and contribute $10 to help pay for the USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign*** - DEADLINE January 12, 2010