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    I put together a flyer that I intend to distribute to all of my local pet stores along with letters to be delivered to our two senators. I wanted to run it by you guys (and gals) before I printed out a million copies and put them all over town. I would appreciate any constructive criticism you could give, down to the letter. I'm sure I'll be looking it over again in the morning to make sure that I've phrased things like I would have liked to have phrased them. My intention is to appeal to the common pet store goer and drum up whatever support we can to bring awareness to the s.373 issue. I made it in Adobe Illustrator, have a PDF version, and have saved it as a PNG for the purposes of posting to the forum. I would like to thank Scott Ross for the picture I grabbed from the photo contest and would appreciate any input anyone could give as to how to improve it before I start printing en masse and posting it all over the place. I want it to be easy to print and easy to reproduce...


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    Re: Pet Store Flyer

    I think it looks freakin awesome!!

    Great job!


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      Re: Pet Store Flyer

      I think that looks FANTASTIC!

      I'd like to suggest a few minor changes, if I may. This is a long post so it looks like I have a lot of big changes, but the length is deceiving, I assure you.

      I completely understand why you've hit the highlights. The average person isn't going to stand there and read a huge long flier. This, IMO, is the single most important aspect to consider and I think you've done a FANTASTIC JOB with it.

      I'm just wondering if a little language might be replaced, especially with quotes.

      The first thing I'd be sure to include is the consequences to the general audience of the flier, and that would be that if this passes, they'll never be able to move to another state with their pets due to the "no interstate transport" component of these bills. Most folks who visit pet stores are not the internet/forum audience. They generally don't buy animals from classified ads on the internet. In fact, probably the most "internet based" they might get would be craigslist. So the interstate commerce argument will likely be unimportant to them. We need to focus on what WILL be important to them.

      I would also recommend amending a little language about the USGS report and I would quote the independent panel of scientists who reviewed the report. You can find the press release from USARK as well as the actual letter submitted from which you can quote, here:

      USARK • View topic - PR: Scientists Call USGS Report "Unscientific"

      Here's my favorite two quotes:
      In conclusion, as written, this document is not suitable as the basis for legislative or regulatory policies, as its content is not based on best science practices, it has not gone through external peer-review, and it diverts attention away from the primary concern.
      Simply put, this report is not a bona-fide “scientific” paper that has gone through external peer review.
      I like these two quotes because it points to the fact that legislators are not using sound science to create policy. They're focusing on extravagant, made-for-TV claims and sound bites.

      If you'd like to add something from the US Chamber of Commerce, you can find that press release here:

      USARK • View topic - US Chamber of Commerce Opposes S373

      Finally, I would recommend a linear format. Meaning, a timeline. For example: original form *40 pythons*, amended to *4 pythons, 4 anacondas, ALL BOA CONSTRICTORS and sent to Senate floor with recommendation to pass*, etc.. In its current form it jumps a little bit and that might confuse a person giving it a casual glance.

      Finally, I'd change the order of the hyperlinks at the bottom. I'd make the first one, I would even have smaller fliers available with just that hyperlink to direct people how to fight this particular piece of legislation. Or perhaps a flier with all hyperlinks, but that one gets special attention.

      Also, I'm unfamiliar with the programs you're using. The result is QUITE fantastic. Can you have this be as long as you want, and then printed at something like a kinkos or office max? If that's the case, you might consider a "bullet point" format for some things. Or does it have to be like a sheet of paper; 8.5"x11"?

      Depending on the final outcome, I'd love it if you'd email me a copy so that I may pass it along to USARK and they, at their discretion, could email it out to others who want to follow your lead.

      Thanks for putting this together. As I said, this is FANTASTIC and your effort is quite commendable!! Thanks for your hard work



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        Re: Pet Store Flyer

        that looks great, the guys went over the little changes but i think it looks good.


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          Re: Pet Store Flyer

          Good work man.



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            Re: Pet Store Flyer

            Good idea. Way to take charge.


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              Re: Pet Store Flyer

              LOOKS Awesome Natie! Should be an eye catcher and help the cause!

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                Re: Pet Store Flyer

                Looks good, post the finished flyer when you make changes.

                Would be interested in letting others download and print the final copy for local use across the country?


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                  Re: Pet Store Flyer

                  Freaking awesome but can I fix the typos....please? It's a huge pet peeve of mine especially when we are appealing to the masses....

                  Thanks for doing this--sorry I tend to be anal retentive about typos but it IS my job.....
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                    Re: Pet Store Flyer

                    That's exquisite , I would really appreciate a final version of the file as well

                    The First thing I noticed that I might change was the order of the Hyper Links

                    Making either the First and 2nd or vice versa

                    then list the rest I think is right on track

                    I like the bullet points idea

                    I made use of that concept myself in my letters

                    My example of bullet points used in my letters

                    Please Oppose S373 aka “The Python Ban” Now "The Boa Ban"

                    1) Unscientific process (USGS report) in stead of USFWS scientific process - unscientific
                    Discredited by a panel of 11 independent scientists

                    2) Chamber Of Commerce Opposes S373, Will Destroy no less than a one third of a
                    3 Billion $$ a year industry (reptile Industry) Tens of thousands of LOST JOBS

                    3) Snakes in Question only Live in and are a problem in extreme South Florida
                    Only a Florida issue, not the other 48 states

                    4) This Legislation S 373 does not even address any Feral Python issue in Florida anyway

                    5) Sets terrible precedent by legislating science for the sake of political expedience.
                    Please oppose S373.

                    6) Import, Export and interstate sales vital for the survival of this Industry.
                    Thousands of LOST JOBS!! Including Mine

                    Again once your finished and have your Final Flyer file

                    May I have a copy of the file PLZ !!

                    I will distribute this any place I can

                    Lar M
                    Boas By Klevitz



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                      Re: Pet Store Flyer

                      OK, I made a couple of updates. I don't think it's done yet, but I'll post what I have. Thanks a million for your input. I'm going to print out a ton of tiny flyers and staple them to the bottom so people can tear them off. I think if passers by see the flyer they might read it and might even acknowledge it, but I doubt that it will still be fresh in their mind by the time they get home, so the mini flyers should provide better results. Typos drive me crazy too; I'm a bit of a spelling and grammar fascist, but there was a lot of beer involved in the process and I guess some English failings are to be expected. Anyhow:

                      Maybe it's a bit heavy handed to include the scientific publications, but I guess if someone has made it that far, it might be something they would be interested in perusing. Are there any different links I should include, and should any of the existing ones be omitted? I need to do a test print to see if the font is too small and whether or not the snake pictures will show up.

                      Oh yeah, thanks to clsutt for the picture I swiped for the minis.


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                        Re: Pet Store Flyer

                        Looks great!
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                          Re: Pet Store Flyer

                          Holy crap that's awesome! Great job!

                          My last change would be in the opening. I might change the phrase:

                          interstate trade and import
                          to something like:

                          import, interstate trade and interstate transport
                          Like last time, I understand the space restrictions so if it's not possible, don't sweat it.

                          I might also include the word "pet" prior to "pythons and boas" in the opening paragraph. We don't want to lose sight of the fact that these are pets!

                          Thanks again for all of your hard work. This truly is a phenomenal tool!

                          I'm going to be gone from tomorrow morning to Friday night on a business trip, but I'm working the USARK booth on Saturday and Sunday at the Orlando Repticon show. If you have these changes made soon (if they'll fit), I'll print some of these up and take them to the show with me (upon Andrews approval).



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                            Re: Pet Store Flyer

                            Alright, I've attempted to attach the latest versions as PDFs to this post. I'll be heading to Kinko's now to see how they look printed out and hopefully distributing them to as many local pet stores as possible. If anyone wants the files in another format or wants to edit them for themselves, hit me with a PM or reply here and I'll gladly oblige.
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                              Re: Pet Store Flyer

                              Originally posted by natieb
                              Alright, I've attempted to attach the latest versions as PDFs to this post. I'll be heading to Kinko's now to see how they look printed out and hopefully distributing them to as many local pet stores as possible. If anyone wants the files in another format or wants to edit them for themselves, hit me with a PM or reply here and I'll gladly oblige.
                              Thanks I'll try to get these out to the local stores in my area!