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S373 bill reply from OR. Senetor

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  • S373 bill reply from OR. Senetor

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Thank you for contacting me to share your views about S. 373, a bill to prohibit pythons from being shipped or imported into the U.S. I appreciate the time you have taken to correspond with me.

    In my position as a United States Senator, I benefit greatly by hearing a wide spectrum of opinions expressed by Oregonians. I listen carefully to these views as I study each issue and decide how to vote on legislation which comes before the Senate. On any issue, I value your thoughts and ideas.

    Again, I appreciate your feedback. I have made note of your concerns, and I will certainly keep them in mind. Please keep in touch.

    All my best,
    Jeff Merkley
    United States Senate

    Jeffrey Ryan Roecker
    Save our Reptiles!!
    I Brake for Snakes!!::

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    Re: S373 bill reply from OR. Senetor

    Amazing how they never show their hand

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz



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      Re: S373 bill reply from OR. Senetor

      I got the same exact one from him


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        Re: S373 bill reply from OR. Senetor

        Both the ones I've received look much like those. And I know I talked to one personally and is voting against s373. I think it is just the aids sending out generic emails.
        At least we do know someone is getting them.