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Most EFFECTIVE way to fight S373

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  • Most EFFECTIVE way to fight S373

    when it comes right down to it, simple phone calls and emails have VERY little effect on this legislation (unless it's an absolute TIDAL wave, which ISN'T happening).

    the BEST way you PERSONALLY can get your senators on our side in this is to meet IN-PERSON with a representative of their staff - but not just ANYONE will do. senators have a MULTITUDE of staffers, most of whom know nothing of (and don't care about) this bill. the KEY is to find the person who DOES know about it. from what i've gathered, senators assign a senior staffer to each bill that goes through congress. these staffers are USUALLY in DC. BOTH senators here in ohio have done this, so i can only assume most or all of them do this as well.

    here's what YOU need to do...

    call your senator's DC office. tell them that you are trying to get in contact with the senior staffer who will be dealing with S373 (you will probably have to explain to them what it is). You may have to go through a few different people to do this, but it is the BEST way to get your voice heard. he/she is the person who NEEDS to hear out (respectfully) outrage with this bill.

    those of our senators who don't know about this bill or aren't directly involved will likely ACTUALLY listen to their constituents IF they hear enough negative comments about it.

    if you aren't able to get into contact with this particular person, call your senators' state offices, and have the secretary connect you with the REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE. this is probably the next best person to speak to. phone conversations with this person are OK, but meeting IN PERSON with this representative is best.

    if you need any more help with this process, let me know and i'll see what i can do.
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    Re: Most EFFECTIVE way to fight S373

    Great info and advice Chris , thankyou !

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz