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new article about python ban

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  • new article about python ban

    The inside story on the proposed snake ban; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ignore Science

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    Re: new article about python ban

    Its crazy how they can ignore the facts and make up their own theories.


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      Re: new article about python ban

      That is a great article! We need that in the hands of some of the D.C. decision makers as well as the rest of the media!

      Thanx for posting this!

      -Sean in NoCal
      “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”
      -Teddy Roosevelt.


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        Re: new article about python ban

        It is a great article unfortunetly our democracy does not work like a court room
        hearing both sides. No matter what papers are written and what facts are proven
        our wonderful senators vote according to there own agendas and rarely read any
        bill with much research for themselves before they vote on them. Look at the responses we get from the senators office they are all monotinist and robotic.
        Thats why if the senators arent going to read the truth then we shove it in there
        face with more and more letters and faxes. and emails and we blow up there offices
        with our own thoughts on the subject until they get so tired of us that they have no
        choice but to do there real job and listen to the people and vote our way. That is
        why they are there they are really to do nothing but express our voices in a room
        of many voices to be heard. But that is not what happens is it. MONEY MONEY MONEY AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA. Selfishgovernment.