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My boa won't eat frozen/thawed. What do I do?

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  • My boa won't eat frozen/thawed. What do I do?

    My boa will not eat frozen/thawed mice/rats. What should I do to help the boa eat frozen/thawed prey?

    Instant Solution

    The first thing you should do is remember the two P's, Patience and Persistance. The hardest part is convincing yourself. The boa WILL come along. If not immediately, it will very soon. Here are some ways to convert your boa.

    Remember these following suggestions to aide in converting to a frozen/thawed feeding boa.

    If your boa is in good health, you should offer only frozen/thawed rodents for several weeks, at different times of the day/night. Remember it is important to realize that it will not hurt a boa to miss a meal every once in a while.

    Try rodents of different sizes/colors etc. Make sure the rodent is warm. This is the biggest mistake that I find. Soak the rodent in very warm water just prior to feeding. Generally this strong smell developed by "heating" the rodent is all they need to eat.

    Using long tongs or hemostats and shake the warm, thawed rodent in front of the boa, this is often all that is needed to help "jump-start" the boa to feed.

    Use the hide box method. Let your boa get inside some hideaway and remain there for a while. Then using the tongs, wiggle the warm, thawed rodent in the entrance to the hideaway. Sometimes this is just too tempting to the boa, and they will often eat this way.

    Leave the thawed rodent in overnight. A picky eater may wait a long time to eat even though it is "aware" of the rodent. Leaving this at night, with lights out, is often the time boas are active and this may be the time the boa will eat.

    One of the last methods to try is to feed a small live prey item and follow it immediately with a warm, thawed item. This has been know to work for many people. BUT, next time start over with warm, thawed rodent only.

    Hopefully these are some tricks that will help your boa get started. Once started the boas become easily conditioned to taking only frozen/thawed rodents.

    Also want to mention here that we do not want to endanger or weaken your boa just to get it eating frozen/thawed rodents. If several attempts at feeding f/t rodents fails, then you should offer a live, hopefully stunned, rodent to get the boa eating again. Then return to the f/t rodent for the next feeding attempt.

    I have a dedicated care guide just for this occasion. Please read
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