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My boa makes weezing sounds? Respiratory Infection? What do I do?

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  • My boa makes weezing sounds? Respiratory Infection? What do I do?

    My boa makes whistling/weezing/popping sounds when it breathes. What should I do?
    My boa has a fluid or mucous around the mouth and nose areas

    Instant Solution

    Remember... Raise.. Raise...
    1) Immediately raise the ambient temperature of the enclosure to 88 to 90 degrees.
    2) Raising the humidity will also aid in possible Respiratory Infection (RI) recovery.

    Consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Antibiotic medication may be needed to combat bad cases.

    Respiratory Infections (RI) are caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs. The general causes of RI are due to inadequate and improper environmental conditions. Stress, low temperatures, dirty enclosures, mistreatment, lack of food and water can all cause RI. These conditions will surely prolong any RI condition.

    Symptoms include breathing problems including wheezing, whistling, clicking sounds, gaping open mouth, even an audible noise during exhalations. You will notice bubbles and mucous around the mouth and nostrils. The position of the head may be held in a raised position to make breathing easier. Overall lethargy, possible weight loss, and even a swollen or bloated body can be noticed.

    There is also a Resistant Respiratory Infection and it requires a more agressive treatment. Read about it here
    Resistant Respiratory Infection Article
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